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  • Mary Jo
    Sue me. I want to continue physically. Theoretically doesn t mean shit. But even if I don t, it s not wrong to desire it. And if I m a considered a child
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 11 6:33 PM
      Sue me. I want to continue physically. Theoretically doesn't mean
      shit. But even if I don't, it's not 'wrong' to desire it. And if I'm
      a considered a child after raising and loving children and all the
      adults around me who act like children, so be it. We only think we
      know what we're looking at when we look at stars. If 'george' or you
      or anybody else wants to insist on relative truth, why not that too?
      Yeah, why not that? Looking at the beautiful horrific cosmos is a
      relative exercise in subjective experience. After all, what does it
      really matter? <Our prior feeble conjectures about reality are
      dwarfed by these relative time holocosts.> Relativity is all we have,
      and that in itself renders everything we say and do relative, but
      never absurd. This alone gives me permission to imagine or create any
      kind of reality I choose. Mary

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      > I really liked Biggy`s post except it ,in some way, relied on
      > Allen. I just do not enjoy Allens humor. His gambits with
      > philosophy are quite lucid yet I think he personified his
      > existance when costuumed as a sperm.
      > Biggie gets it, he understands that cosmology has presented a
      > highly probable universe that is cold and unrelated to the human
      > minds of the romanticists, religous, and myriads of pretending
      > apologists. Now they can bide their time with the duties and
      > thoughts of their varied positions but those positions are as far
      > from probable reality as their cosmology is anacronistic. The only
      > thing that makes cosmology in any way a human level happening is
      > the distance involved in the cosmological events we have mannaged
      > to observe. I point to the comet hit on Jupiter. Had that occured
      > on earth rather on a massive gas giant far away in our solar
      > system we would all be extinct. That event itself was a minor
      > exposition compaired to what happens at the rim of a black hole
      > where stars that orbit planets the size of Jupiter are
      > spagghetified. We do not register in that scale of event. Our
      > feeble conjectures about reality are dwarfed by these relative
      > holocosts.
      > This is ideologically where the tenants of nihilism dovetail with
      > the findings of cosmology. We are blink of the eye nothingness.
      > That religous physicists would try to shelter their sacred
      > by the tenants of quantum physics shows their pitiful desire to
      > survive both physically and theoretically.Their non deminsional
      > side show pales before the great violent super drama of
      > cosmology. If more of us orientated to that scale and rhythim we
      > might begin to appreciate our brief happening as having its own
      > complexity and place. We should quit trying to be stars but watch
      > and understand them. You know in their immense power that is one
      > thing they cannot do, understand us. Bill
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