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Re: Antiexistentialism

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  • Mary Jo
    Bill, any group, small or large, who fights to defend being human can count on me. Unfortunately there will be very many who will agree with sanitizing. Mary
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 6, 2004
      Bill, any group, small or large, who fights to defend being human can
      count on me. Unfortunately there will be very many who will agree
      with sanitizing. Mary

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@m...>
      > I think our base thinking system is being attacked. You see we
      > bother a great many groups. Look at all the things we bitch about.
      > Massive , single issue, organisations are our usual targets. Since
      > they are personally mindless they would be natural enemies to
      > individualistic thinkers. We easily see through them for cause and
      > identify their various subtrafuges. I could bore all of you with a
      > nonexaustive list of such groupes but you have already brought them
      > up and bitched them out.
      > Our ticket into the existential hood is our acceptance of angst.
      > Our recognition of futility puts us at immediate odds with the
      > greater number of causes and organisations. We have to fuck with
      > them because they represent the lies. They sanitise them, they
      > mask them in purpose but behind their great masquarade is their
      > issue, their one trick pony. You have to be a cold bastard to gore
      > pony and we are the masters.
      > So what SS is out to brand our eyeballs? What group of immortals
      > wants to boil us all night long? The religous dorques make their
      > limp attempts but we have swatted enough of those drones. It is
      > new people of hope, the open ended believers. They are more
      > effective than the clerics because their theories rest on JPE`s
      > possible events support the new salvation senarios. The crop ring
      > buffons are probably the cleanest , most simplistic of the lot.
      > go stomp some grain and wait for the believers to bring home the
      > tale. I almost like them , they are like a bad slight of hand act,
      > they just dare you to buy their scams. Also they are little
      > to organisation. I think they are agnostics who are facing the
      > dark that got us all, boredom.
      > We march to the rear as we see the UFO believers. They are hand
      > in hand with spooks from the governments, abduction goofies,
      > conspiracy junkies and hoardes of board people who just want to
      > the elephant. These people have ideals, not relevant ideals but
      > burned out ideals. They trade open end mysteries for their
      > ideals and a personal set of JPE`s fills their imaginations and
      > time. The trouble with these bowling pins is their buttons are
      > completely exposed. Key phrases indicitave of same held delusions
      > can easily be used to draft these folks for a myriad of short
      > projects. There are thousands of people who research the life
      > of "grays". They bond about grays and have invented senarios about
      > their origins, culture and purposes. Since it is impossible to
      > bebunk a null hypothesis these people have reinvented an
      > interesting god.
      > The crux is related to what is and what is not. What is ,is often
      > not that pretty but orientation is all . These new faithful are
      > headed out into a new void. They bear watching because of their
      > volitility toward fantasy. If we were found to be enemies of the
      > grays we might be wearing a yellow star. So I would watch the more
      > clever ones who could use soldiers. Bill
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