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Re: The prevailing vision

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  • louise
    Bill wrote : You could argue that for the last ninty years the countries of Europe have hired the US as the prevailing mercinary force. Maybe, but the
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 6, 2004
      Bill wrote : You could argue that for the last ninty
      years the countries of Europe have hired the US as the prevailing
      mercinary force.

      Maybe, but the interest rates were steep.

      Anti-Usurious Irresistible Force (holds Pineapple captive in the
      hidden domain)

      Bill: In payment we garnish the power base of the world.

      What use is a power base unless it has a spiritual vision?


      Bill: George Bush knew he did not need the UN or NATO to secure
      the oil, it might have been prettier but in the end America is
      better at bloodletting.

      Nothing, I would humbly suggest, to be proud of.

      Whole Kiwi Fruit
      p.s. bloodletting and good soldiery seem quite unrelated to me.

      Bill: So can Europe trade its way away from the Spartan power?

      The trouble with Europe qua political entity is that it isn't one -
      it's a myth.


      Bill: I do not see any demunition in the aggressive tendancies of
      American materialism. Our military budgets are ballooning to
      multiples of the composites of EU. The Russians learned the futility
      of an arms race with the US. We love weapons and would build them
      needed or not. We drag out mothballed weapon systems with prideful
      relish as if they were designer fashons finally to be worn to the
      Witness the A10 Warthog , the Air Force wanted to cancell it but
      the Army threatened to buy the lot . It set for decades and then
      was the primary killing machine of Iraqi armour and Talaban
      personel.We kept those Fighter Wings active for years just in case
      we could find a war to use them in.
      You see the weapons ethos is much deeper than our cowboy vaneer
      would lead any to believe. That Americans are armed to the teeth is
      a reflection of our deep seated respect for the abject power of
      weapontry. To join gleefully in the collection of our favorite
      things is the expression of our commonality. Fuck the people in the
      family, I want the family arms cache.
      So the old limerick about riding the tiger should ring in EU
      members ears as they tout their culture and community. Indeed the US
      is playing for different stakes with different tools. The times when
      we can be dismissed as bumpkins with latrine culture are long
      past. When Bush explained to the Canadiens that we would have gone
      to Iraq alone he could afford the comment. When he said we would
      have the elections with or without the Sunni he backed it with the
      Yes our vision is strong and little changed. How many bottles of
      fine Bordeaus will it take to buy a barrel of gulf oil in 2010?

      It is for this insightful honesty that I first destined you for
      President. Phase One of my mission is complete. It is now the
      Church of the Angle-Saxons, neither religious nor political. We are
      the mad northerners of planet gaia. Accept our request for
      rulership. Mock and scorn and inform. We so tough. Us love it.
      We just roll over and aks for more, cos we know what we're doing,
      unlike most of them dumb-ass Mericans. Coherence to follow.

      Queen Louisa
      ... neuronally diplomatic ...
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