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Re: lacking transport

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  • louise
    oh god, sorry, wrong group. nowhere to hide my head now!!! someone else .... ... cool ... a ... out ... at
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 3, 2004
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      oh god, sorry, wrong group. nowhere to hide my head now!!!

      someone else ....

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "louise" <hecubatoher@y...> wrote:
      > morning, eduard
      > oh what a catalogue of awkwardnesses greet my rising
      > going to take my bath i find the water's barely tepid
      > paul comes in the bathroom, as i'm running the water between my
      > fingers, standing there beside the bath, and he flatly disbelieves
      > me at first - 'the water can't be cold, the Rayburn's been on all
      > night', and i say, oh what the heck, i'm too weary to rehearse the
      > arguments, you know how it is, you men, what won't you believe,
      > against even evidence of the senses, if an explanation isn't
      > forthcoming
      > he was scaring the hell out of me, anyway, as i rapidly took a
      > bath and washed my hair and there he is banging on the pipes with
      > hammer to get the water flowing through, i must admit it does seem
      > to be doing the trick, and he should be able to take a hot bath
      > shortly
      > but i can't get on very far yet with my existential posting plans
      > because he's got his eye on yet another radio he's bidding for, so
      > that will find him at screen before long following developments
      > i'm heavy after cheese on toast, done in Rayburn oven, must stir
      > of doors and walk around grey-white sheet of cloud only cerulean
      > far west horizon my head is so thick again but short on sleep so
      > usual physical low-point anyway mid-afternoon
      > 'burglars don't get me'
      > more compassion would not come at all amiss in this world
      > going now :-)
      > louise
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