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Re: Remembering the thanatops

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  • louise
    Yeah, man, no problem, I meant nothing personal, just meandering about my own day, twas a, jeez I m so glad you re through the worst kind of kiss I sent in
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2004
      Yeah, man, no problem, I meant nothing personal, just meandering
      about my own day, 'twas a, 'jeez I'm so glad you're through the
      worst' kind of kiss I sent in your direction yesterday, or rather
      didn't, but just a wish. Someone said to me today, 'I think you're
      very rude', but I didn't arrive in the village that way, it's a
      mystery what goes on, but civil mutual agreements are building up,
      and that's the way of it. I'm jiggered. Tomorrow's another day.
      Paul plans to spend it with a friend, at Seaton Carew. Seaside
      resort. Louise

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@m...>
      > Louise, It was never enough and it could never be. The thanatops
      > played the high wire and never used a net. It was not an Icarus
      > endeavour, it was about perfect repetition played for maximum
      > profet. There was never much appreciation, it was more like a
      > rendering of surrealism at Golgatha. Just keep the spoils in
      > division because it is all just a catch 22.
      > Today the thanatops slouched in to one cup of tea rather than
      > of coffie. He refused to die as he refused to mount the wire. In
      > movement he is less than a shadow but in form something remains
      > waits just beyond grasp.
      > He shuffled out after only a half day and no one cheered. After
      > all very little was divided as Golgatha seemed abandoned. The
      > thanatops feels neither failure nor hero. He just wants the chance
      > to look at the cold , gray day and forget he ever flew. Bill
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