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  • louise
    what a bonus! i m now sent to bed laughing. have a good conversation, denizens .... Louise ... Eiesenhower ... Trail ... Fetchen, ... museum. ... the ...
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 5, 2004
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      what a bonus! i'm now sent to bed laughing. have a good
      conversation, denizens ....


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <valleywestdental@q...>
      > I was wearing Blackie Collins Toters and exploring The
      > Presidential Library, Boot Hill, Angel Fire, Taos Pueblo, and
      > 108. We stayed at Fecthen House. It was the home of Nicoli
      > a russian born artist that was called the modern Michaelangelo. He
      > was also an archetict and had built the house which is now a
      > He built all the furniture and painted the paintings that adorn
      > walls. Other prominant Taos artists are displayed, there, but
      > Fetchen was a step better. I purchased one of his prints, a
      > portrait of an old Taos indian. The house reminded me of a Frank
      > Lloyd Wright but one hundred years in arrears. Fetchen built
      > in ,like Wright loved to. He rough hued local wood with a great
      > stroak chopped finish. He built a spiral stair case in this
      > they still let you walk up it. We had been wandering the
      > gallaries for three days and it was like someone grabbed me by
      > lapels and said, "Now look at some real greatness".
      > My wife dragged me away from a rice paper, Indian Celtic
      > The artist explained the technique but it was beyond me. So we
      > to see the Taos Indians. They have been there since 1300. The
      > combination of temperature, humidity and altitude make the pueblo
      > kind of garden of eden. A clear, big creek runs right through the
      > center of the ancient settlement.There is still abundant game and
      > the Taos hunt with traditional weapons. I purchased bow,
      > spear and rabbit club. I also found a replica of a Sharps Buffalo
      > Rifel. All this should end up in my office.
      > Eisenhower won the war. The Taos are getting rich off stupid
      > tourists like me and boot hill no longer contains any human
      > Trail 108 was very vertical. The waiter who sent us there was
      > awfully cut so I should have known it would be a bitch. I gave him
      > suggestion in return, The Wheeler Pack Trail over the ten mile
      > range . I did it alone , twenty years ago and it about got me.
      > we left the waiter said he was going to try it alone. 108 scared
      > bejesus out of Pricilla, high vertical trail brought back many
      > memories, I hate the flat land.
      > Driving back, loaded with booty, we tuned in to a right wing
      > show in the Oklahoma panhandle. The flannel mouth turned out to be
      > college professor who had a real beef with The Iowa basic Skills
      > test. He claims it is a left wing plot designed to bend cirriculii
      > to a New World Order perspective. He claims a Ghaia based bunch
      > old lefties built the test to force the study of their post modern
      > perspective. The right wing radio jock read several essays from
      > school age children who now think a tree is as important a being
      > themselves. The jock loves jesus and was put way back with this
      > theory of net worth. He connected the leftist socialist concepts
      > with the universalist Ghaia perspective. He showed how they were
      > same anti capitalist bunch that had run the sixties, just new
      > rhetoric for the same power grab ambitions. Some animals must be
      > more equil than others.
      > It is theorhetical warfare out there and it is much better
      > deliniated there ,than here. Those folks are mobbed up and ready
      > do battle over a catch word.
      > I ended up in a big go with a law school professor who now sells
      > hot tubs. She said that she thought all existentialists were dead.
      > said that may be but you will never eat me. I got her drrunk and
      > argued her into the brass rail. Really good fun to go at a lawyer
      > outside their sacred forum. Perhaps I will buy a tub from her and
      > can fight it out on naked ground.
      > All in all Taos is a thousand light years advanced from Death
      > Moan. The population is intelligent, diverse and leftist. I was
      > careful to wear a big cowboy hat and talk about guns, that usually
      > drew a crowd. When i started to expouse some ideas we have
      > here, they got real interested and quiet. I think we may be more
      > provacative then we give ourselves credit for. One person out
      > even reads the list. She wants a date with Louise.
      > I told her I could fix her up with Bookdoc. She made an odd sound
      > and ran away. Bill
    • Knott
      ... That should be an obvious reaction on paper. People tell me I m actually not that ugli. On the other hand...how does one fix another with one who
      Message 2 of 3 , Sep 10, 2004
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        >I told her I could fix her up with Bookdoc.
        >She made an odd sound and ran away.

        That should be an obvious reaction on paper. People tell me I'm actually not that ugli.
        On the other hand...how does one 'fix' another with one who suggests he doesn't

        believe me, i have had battles with this and wondering if i COULD step on a bus. i am
        perhaps not as crazy as that sounds, but I have at least experienced the realization
        that potentially being nutz is a possibility.

        love is just as crazy.

        Shuddup Ngough
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