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  • louise
    Sunday, 16th January, 2000 Philosophy, he thought, was the art of picking on one s own submerged intellectual differences, hauling them to the surface and
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      Sunday, 16th January, 2000

      "Philosophy, he thought, was the art of picking on one's own
      submerged intellectual differences, hauling them to the surface and
      examining them in the plainest prose possible. It followed that
      philosophical authors must always write primarily for themselves,
      without giving a thought to flattering their readers, still less to
      impressing them with displays of learning or ingenuity. 'The
      philosopher must go to school with the poets in order to learn the
      use of language', he wrote."
      (Jonathon Ree writing on R. G. Collingwood, *London Review of Books*,
      In my own thinking, I have still not succeeded in 'hauling to the
      surface' & adequately clarifying the concepts & arguments implicit
      in the variousness of, & sense of conflict between
      different 'inward' experiences: contemplative raptness, rational
      attention, willed decision away from what is at least partially
      desired towards a more 'elevated' condition, empathic allegiances &
      their political implications, the emotional attraction of mentally
      dividing the man from his acts, & all that yearning sense of seeing
      potentiality in humankind.


      transcribed from the A4 sheet, p225, of that phase of my Journal
      whose page number one began on 5th March, 1996. this return to
      articulate written thought was consequence of two factors, in my
      estimation - prescribed drugs having worked their way out of my
      system (though even now i can't be sure whether they made any mental
      difference at all, but i suspect so, and a direful one); and the
      influence of, firstly, historical Protestant teaching, through the
      twice-weekly sermon and Bible-reading and weekly prayer meeting, and
      secondly, personal contact with Christians - conversation, and
      helping in activities such as the Mothers' and Toddlers' Group held
      in the Church Hall.
      these are minutiae, but it's my conviction that existential headway
      gets made in life through such fulfilment of basic routines, duties,
      and emergent satisfactions. the important thing is to find a

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