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[existlist] Answer to Querys (formerly; a newcomer's greeting... )

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  • Yulian K. Gaard
    Well, lets start off with Sartres Existentialism is a Humanism. This is, atleast th version I read, a thin book, looking mostly like a childrens book with
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29 10:17 AM
      Well, lets start off with Sartres Existentialism is a Humanism. This is,
      atleast th version I read, a thin book, looking mostly like a childrens book
      with really huge letters and 3 words pr. line. The language he's using in it
      is way cryptic and through the entire book he does now, if you want my
      personal oppinion, answer much if any of the real criticism against the

      My entire time in general humanis have mostly been dominated by political
      ideologies, psychotherapeutic methods as well as considerations over
      diffrent ways of seeing the word (meta worldviews). I am sorry to hear that
      the people where you are fail to miss both the great humanistic ideas both
      in conservatism, liberalism, socialism and social-liberalism
      (combine that with having a regent and you have Denmark).

      As for the tutors that I have, they are more than willing to help if you
      formulate your questions specific enough and catch them in their offices.
      Often it seems like a good idea to me to call and schedule some time and
      bring two cups of coffee or tag allong to the tutors office right after
      classes (provided they dont have other classes right afterwards).

      A quick question here; what does "adolescent" mean ? (probably called
      something else in danish as I've never seen something simmilar the word

      As for your amaturs grasp of existentialism, Kaufmann have made a really
      good general book about existentialism that I read after having seen CS
      Wyatts (someone on this list) homepage. It is a great book, although too
      general to do some serious studies. If you want more than general thoughts
      about existentialism and more than just being able to give resumees of what
      the existentialists have said, I sugjest that you just start with one of
      them and start reading each of the most famous ones "main book".

      Well, you'd be free to ask here about what you understand from what you've
      read. I'm quite certain that CSW will write alot asbout weither your are
      right or wrong, and the rest of us will probably also try though I know that
      I am more interested in what it can be used for and modifyed to than I am in
      it's actual history.

      I hope our answers dosent seem oo insane or ignorant to you too *chuckle*
      and remember that the only foolish question is the one that isnt asked.

      QUERY 1 The existential exploration is definately weighed all towards the
      single person. The society is only there to support the individuals it
      consist of and to benefit those as best possible. Society is to be seen as
      explained and justified within yourself if you are an existentialist. Also,
      as existentialism sees all actions an an example of what "humans" do, they
      become stereotype exampels and thus gives an ethical aspects telling you to
      supports others "self" and "individuality".

      Existentialists are definately not determanists neither, but they see that
      you choose to either be part of the society around you or deal with the
      consequences of not doing so. As for how this happens - if you have no
      respect for others freedom of choices you are setting an exampel and giving
      the others the right not to respect your freedom of choice and life.

      Ethics and morality might seem to be founded in the society that the person
      is grown up in, but that do not mean that you are forced to follow those
      ethics and that morality. Every day when you walk into a supermarket you are
      free to choose to steal and deal with the consequences from that, however
      you are also free to do the opposite and not steal (of course) and then have
      the other negative effect; the first sugjestion (stealing) would have the
      negative effect in the threath of punishment where the second ones (paying)
      have the negative effect in you needing to work to get what you want. This
      makes live as a serie of INDIVIDUAL choices and individual actions of
      usually bad alternatives. However, it also shows that you, in the power of
      selfreflection that you pocess, are able to go further into the
      individualism and thus disable the determanism. The ethical choice might be
      one thing, but you can conciously breal that 'dictated sugjestion' and
      choose another alternative.

      The judgement you mentioned comes into play here too - you are he one who
      judges which alternative and action have the best chance of suceeding as
      well as the best result. You then pick the one that you like the best from
      your set of values and from what you see as good and bad effects from that
      action or lac of action. Thiese values and norms are something that you
      build up yourself from the effects that you are told and see happening from
      diffrent actions.

      When Sartre said that man chooses himself he was refering to that the
      ethical values isnt dictated neither by society nor by god or any other
      thing or being. Your life is your to choose what you want to fill it with.

      Hope this answered your question.

      QUERY 2 No thoughts or comments in regards to what existentialism
      believes there.

      QUERY 3 This one is interesting, I'm more than pleased to express my
      personal beliefs here. It is commonly accepted that existentlism isnt a
      definate or finished school of philosophy. There are a certain ways and
      ideas that are classified as existential, but a definate group and border of
      philosophies it is not. This also means that while existentialism do not
      live as a a group of philosophers th ideas that contain an existentialistic
      element lives on as before and as it allways have. Basically most
      indetermanistic ideas could be classified as existentialistic as could most
      individual ideas. It also seems to be commonly accepted that
      existentialistic ideas are some that express the freedom of the individual
      and the expression of it allong with the acceptance of the results f the
      choices we make. Very wide definition I found, isnt it ? If you go by that
      definition then existentialistic ideas lives on and have allways lived. Also
      alot of philosophers and politicians could have a mark saying existentialist
      on them ALLONG with whatever else they are at the same time - and the same
      is the case of the past.

      QUERY 4 Wellm please do scan, type, resume ect anything that you read and
      see of "the Situationists critique of the society of
      the spectacle illuminate a mechanism that incubates bad faith". Basically
      I've never heard about any of it, so ... !

      Disgracefull and copyrighting

      Respectfully submitted

      "Magic is a way of life."
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