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Re: Race

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  • louise
    Ah, yes: political correctness . You see, that chilling phrase probably inhibits somewhat different kinds of discourse in different countries or States,
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 2, 2004
      Ah, yes: 'political correctness'. You see, that chilling phrase
      probably inhibits somewhat different kinds of discourse in different
      countries or States, according to the legal system, etc. We are
      probably somewhat freer than the French in these kinds of areas, and
      if anyone gets prosecuted for saying unpopular things, there's at
      least habeas corpus, so far. But there is, I suspect, a limit to
      how far we can get with direct discussion on existlist. You're
      right, we have to find ways of saying. In politics, my own
      experience and Paul's unflagging pessimism about contemporary
      democracy, have combined to rein in some of my sanguine Sagittarian
      optimism, but dash it, I think there are some hopeful signs, in the
      UK, that crime, unvetted immigration, educational failure and
      overloads on the medical system (all evils in themselves) are slowly
      producing the conditions for an intelligent revolt. Yes, it will
      surely happen differently in our respective countries. I think,
      actually, you probably have more apartheid in USA, than here, and an
      astonishing number of young black men going into your jails or being
      shot. I know that's a generalisation, but it looks so stark and
      obvious it might as well stand as an example. Anything that is
      going to make your minority populations even angrier is not
      intelligent; I don't think anything can be effectively done by sheer
      force any more, even if it were desirable.
      Goodness, look at the time. Channel Four News. See you later.

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <valleywestdental@q...>
      > Louise, Your post was most provocative and hardly politically
      > correct.Nowadays painting in such broad strokes is immediately
      > for racial conjecture. I think there is much to be learned from
      > kind of analysis. Identification of areas where racial groups act
      > similar fashon can lead to beneficial demographic knowledge. To
      > correct it must be masked as market study with psudonems covering
      > the racial character of the players. Certainly the think tanks
      > engage in such research but their agenda remains closed to public
      > scrutany.
      > In a similar vein we are being asked if Bush is using the
      > situation for political benefit. I find it most difficult to form
      > an opinion when the intelligence is unavailable to me as an
      > individual citisen. If I do not know what the intelligence is how
      > I to weight it? As an existentialist my footing becomes less and
      > less sound because I must trust and/ or guess. My concept of
      > representative democracy becomes much more literal as democracy is
      > only represented by the system. With analitical thinking banned as
      > politically incorrect and first line knowledge of precipitous
      > classified beyond my clearance, I become sightless as I vote a
      > line. I understand that is exactly how many special interests
      > me to be cornered. Bill
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