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  • louise
    Bill, This is both helpful and informative, though there s much I don t understand. Of course, some of the disgust one might feel for one s own country s or
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 30, 2004
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      This is both helpful and informative, though there's much I don't
      understand. Of course, some of the disgust one might feel for one's
      own country's or continent's politics can be issue of over-
      familiarity. The exotic as relief. And, believe me, you Yanks with
      your little flags ARE exotic.
      I'm wondering whether to watch the Athletics (BBC2), or go for a
      walk. The husband's in bed.

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <valleywestdental@q...>
      > Out of a sense of little else to do ,I watched the democratic
      > convention. Perhaps there were two spontaneous events. Al
      > spoke three times longer than he should have and the producer was
      > the CNN feed when the balloons did not drop. He exclaimed"What the
      > fuck are you guys doing?"
      > Basic light socialist and pacifist speaches gave little hint as to
      > how far this country has drifted right in the last three years. I
      > do not think we know since Bush has circled the wagons and all we
      > hear is the packaged message from his apologists.
      > I actually learn more of the world situation from the business
      > news. If you would like to see where a great deal of the tax cut
      > made its mark look at secound quarter earnings of the oil majors.
      > They are awash in money that used to pay the governments bills. I
      > suppose they can justify this in that they are running their own
      > armies and should not have to contribute to support of the US
      > I have been getting some wild rumors from some right wing
      > informants. Supposidly Ossama has suffered liver failure after
      > having been hooked up to a sabotaged dialysis machine. Since he is
      > jaunticed the mullahs are disowning him. Allah turns people he
      > not like yellow. So, right on schedual, we may find Ossama just in
      > time to save Georges sad presidency. The Saudis certainly want the
      > oil game to continue and Kerry has vowed to cut our dependance on
      > mid eastern oil. If he thinks african oil will be less encumbered
      > might look at the casualty figures from the multiple oil related
      > wars there. All in all we have most of the developing world in
      > complete turmoil because of christian and moslum zealots who
      > god but prefer money.
      > Kerry hints in his acceptance speach there is a possibility of a
      > breakthrough in the energy situation. The director of Lawrence
      > livermore says he can make the fusion reactor work. The
      > shuts the facility down bucause of supposed security leaks. All
      > all it seems we will be treated to any number of red herring
      > between now and the election. What we are being shown by both
      > is little but staged propaganda while a peek behind the curtain
      > present more than any individual wants to see. For an
      > this presents the unique problem of having no real situation to
      > consider. We are forced back to reading the tea leaves through a
      > dark glass. Not even alchemy in full power could plan a true path
      > through this mass of obfuscation. Bill
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