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Re: [existlist] RE: semantics and monks

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  • Eduard Alf
    Our perceptions are often influenced by movies. I saw Dr. Zhivago movie first and it has persented a certain view. The book is a lot better and is not simply
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 21, 2001
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      Our perceptions are often influenced by movies. I saw Dr. Zhivago movie
      first and it has persented a certain view. The book is a lot better and is
      not simply a love story. Yet i have this preformed concept that the good
      doctor looks like Omar Sharif, and Lara's theme is ringing in my head. It
      is hard now to see the story as Pasternac intended.

      But then Fight Club is a lot better than in the movie than in the book.

      have fun

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      Subject: Re: [existlist] RE: semantics and monks

      > yes, i agree that we may use a word differently from others, that we
      > understand a word somewhat not exactly the same. we have different
      > experiences, attitudes, knowledge, etc, and all this may shape our
      > understanding of words and their implications. let's agree to disagree too
      > if the occasion so dictates.
      > my opinion on monks, and actually christians in general, comes from the
      > perspective of psycholoanalysis. i label them pathetic because of a
      > stereotype i have of them based on what i saw in some of the movies.
      > has introduced another source of information abouh them.
      > james.
      > From: "Jim Aiden" <livewild@...>
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      > To: existlist@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [existlist] RE: semantics and monks
      > Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 21:50:41 -0000
      > Whew. Stay away for a weekend and bombarded with a menagerie of
      > topics.
      > Thanks for the input John. Even one person replying really
      > reaffirms what I'm saying about semantics <symantics is a spelink
      > eror>. I suspect we are often saying mostly the same things with
      > varying degree's of scope and importance. (i.e. A cat can be nice,
      > furry, white or Persian. No answer is necessarily incorrect, but if
      > we don't understand the context of the explanation, the level of
      > abstraction and the personal importance of each person's priorities,
      > we are quick to discount it as inaccurate.
      > i.e. Although I agree with many of James' points, my idea of what
      > the word pathetic constitutes, is obviously different. What is
      > important is not that we agree (because counter intuitively, both of
      > us may be correct simultaneously) but that our actions are not
      > detrimental to 'enlightenment' in which I believe we are in agreement.
      > What I believe we are really arguing, is I see using the word
      > "pathetic" as too strong an impact on the beliefs of others, that
      > could have negative impact on how people relate to monkhood (or any
      > alternative belief), since I reason few people admire a fool. Whereas
      > I think perhaps James is arguing that their actions have a negative
      > influence on pure intellectualism that needs to be labeled. Even
      > though I played along, I eventually realized we were arguing two very
      > distinct points, to which I do not really have a absolute truth of
      > either... only an opinion. To which I think James and I are also in
      > agreement.... although it may be my views are just pathetic.
      > Jim.
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