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RE: [existlist] Definitions and a word about happiness..

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  • Eduard Alf
    Jim, Yes, it is difficult to determine whether you are expounding on the subject of definitions, or writing a book. :-) As to definitions, this is something
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      Yes, it is difficult to determine whether you are expounding
      on the subject of definitions, or writing a book. :-)

      As to definitions, this is something that is necessary for
      highly involved discussion. At a professional level, there
      is a tendency to utilize one's specialized language. Just
      as, say an engineer might refer to beam spreads,
      chromaticity diagrams, nodal analysis, etc. Of course, this
      makes it difficult for the amateur to understand what is
      being said, and there is a need to do other reading or at
      least refer to glossaries.

      But the discussion, here at the existlist, is rarely
      specialized. There is some specialization, however, the
      problem is not in the definitions, but in the usage. For
      example, you may say that it was a fact that in Aristotle's
      time, that the earth was the centre of the universe. But
      the "fact" is only that there was such a belief; the fact
      was not that the earth was indeed the centre. Those "facts"
      which are eventually proven to be in error, cease to be
      "facts". So the difficulty here is the necessary
      information that should be provided to the reader in order
      to avoid confusion and controversy. We all basically know
      what is a "fact" and what is "truth". This is not
      specialized language.

      The same applies to "self". Although perhaps we might be
      hard put to provide a concise definition, I think in the
      end, we know of what we speak. We run into a problem when
      we throw in things like the "illusion of reality", or
      something of that nature. Then it is not the definition of
      "self" which is in contention, but rather how it is applied
      in relation to other philosophies.

      I still do not understand your combination of
      "superior/freedom". Superiority does not necessarily give
      freedom and neither does freedom imply superiority.

      "Beauty" is a subjective concept and as such there can be
      many criteria why individual think of something as
      beautiful. I read somewhere that "beauty" is "simplicity".

      With regard to Marilyn Monroe, think of Cleopatra. Without
      the current mass media, awareness of personalities is
      perhaps more difficult, but not impossible. The content of
      Einstein's accomplishments were indeed dependent upon the
      current scientific environment. But the quality of these
      accomplishments can be found in such as Newton and

      The term "happiness" is like "beauty". It is dependent upon
      a subjective consideration. For me, "happiness" comes from
      the same source; that of simplicity. The danger in linking
      happiness to a chemical process, is to lead to the use of
      chemicals to produce happiness, as you have alluded.

      Anyway, a very interesting post.

      Have fun.


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      As to a few couple of details within my semantics post, I
      was more
      interested in stressing a model of thought to consider when
      issues. But since the topic came up, here is a couple of
      more thorough
      explanations of what I am saying on some key words.....

      etc ....

      Jim Aiden.
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