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Re: Cosmic annihiliation

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  • Mary Jo
    Bill,It was a wonderful Nova wasn t it? The burning straw that I hold onto is that in that remnant stardust is more of the stuff life is made of. In the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1, 2004
      Bill,It was a wonderful Nova wasn't it? The burning straw that I hold
      onto is that in that remnant stardust is more of the stuff 'life' is
      made of. In the destruction, the creation, etc. Jo

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <valleywestdental@q...>
      > Another piece to the puzzle of our singular and lonely existance is
      > falling into place. The existential founders posited the concept of
      > angst. On a personal scale this reveals itself as a lost sense of
      > singularity in a world of other. Now the species, Homo Sapiens, can
      > magnify that individual perception with the realisation of a
      > superlative moribund force within the cosmos.
      > Cosmic rays have long been mysterious as to their origin. Now
      > source has been found to be hypernovi events. Super massive
      > protostars explode, then implode into supermassive black holes. The
      > energy squeezed from these events jets out as deadly streams of
      > cosmic rays.
      > In the past few years scientists from Neatherlands,Italy and USA
      > have worked with visual light and radio telescopes along with
      > sattelite telemetry to try to ascertain the relative distances and
      > magnitude of these events. It turns out these events take place at
      > cosmic distances and therefore are of unprecedented magnitude since
      > the Big Bang. The dark side is that anything within galactic
      > is scoured into sterality by searing radiation, heat and shock
      > Early life, advanced life, intelligent life within range of these
      > events has been completelt irradicated. They happen often and
      > considering a galaxy has billions of stars the implications are
      > stark.
      > Along with superlative distances and vast time continuums, these
      > killer stellae make our evolution an even more segregated and
      > phenominal series of teneous events . So we as individuals only
      > mirror the precipitous chance of our species and one of the basic
      > tenants of classical existentialism is magnified by the very stars.
      > Bill
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