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Re: Dead Friends

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  • louise
    haven t a clue what you re talkimg about, Mary Jo. i love and honour Kierkegaard the philosopher, and you bandy his name about as if he were just material for
    Message 1 of 2 , May 31 10:11 AM
      haven't a clue what you're talkimg about, Mary Jo.
      i love and honour Kierkegaard the philosopher, and you bandy his
      name about as if he were just material for your theories and poetry.

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Mary Jo" <alcyon11@y...> wrote:
      > Dear Louise,
      > I keep forgetting to tell you that Jack Kerouac was a religious
      > existentialist, whatever that means. It's apparent, that despite
      > his freedom of experience and ideas, he totally accepted a notion
      > godness and dabbled with Buddhism. You might say Jack stippled his
      > existentialism with religion. For a while, he was a dharma bum and
      > zen lunatic, but lapsed back into a sad kind of Christianity
      > his demise. Basically Jack believed in people and freedom,
      > the road took him. He wrote his latest girlfriend, Joyce Johnson,
      > while on a ship to Tangier which almost sank in a storm:
      > Ten days at sea studying history & Kierkegaard have opened new
      > in my mind ... Kierkegaard & the storm together made me see this
      > luminous truth (everything is god, nothing ever happened except
      god) -
      > You must read FEAR AND TREMBLING (never mind) SICKNESS UNTO DEATH,
      > (which is an abstract discussion of despair) F&T is about Abraham
      > Isaac & made me cry. At moments I was sad remembering your tears -
      > We'll meet again.
      > Here's one of his blues poems about the god idea:
      > Orizaba 210 Blues
      > 46th Chorus
      > And what is God?
      > The unspeakable, the untellable,
      > __
      > Rejoice in the Lamb, sang
      > Christopher Smart, who
      > drives me crazy, because
      > he's so smart, an I'm
      > so smart, and both of us
      > are crazy
      > No, -- what is god?
      > the impossible, the impeachable
      > Unimpeachable Prezi-dent
      > of the Pepsodent Universe
      > but with no body & no brain
      > no business and no tie
      > no candle and no high
      > no wise and no smart guy
      > no nothing, no no nothing,
      > no anything, no-word, yes-word,
      > everything, anything, God,
      > the guy that aint a guy,
      > the thing that cant be
      > and can
      > and is
      > and isn't
      > And oh by the way, don't forget what Trinidad said regarding dead
      > philosophers:
      > Dead philosophers make the best friends as far as dead people go.
      > They leave behind a little literary kind of human holy thing. Dead
      > politicians and dead preachers leave behind their lifelong
      > constructed living vision of human criminality and incapacitation.
      > It's easy to tell the difference.
      > Just came up for air, and popped in to see how y'all were doing.
      > Later, Mary Jo
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