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Happy Birthday Mary Jo

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  • cribprdb
    At midnight all the agents and the superhuman crew go out and round up everyone that knows more than they do Across the ocean to ocean span of the big t water
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2004
      At midnight all the agents
      and the superhuman crew
      go out and round up everyone
      that knows more than they do

      Across the ocean to ocean span of the big t water splayed holy heart
      earth of the old bloody and new dullard United States, every man,
      woman and child from babes to the grayheads is entranced, insane and
      already not even real. The place is empty like an echo. There was no
      falling star or nuclear blister that left its horrid mark. The place
      is more beautiful than ever, no smoking wasteland spreads into the
      distance. There are just no people. They saw no point to being
      people in this place, so they just disappeared. First one, then ten,
      then a thousand, then everyone forgot why they wanted to be people
      in the first place. They all grew up on Maggies farm, fed on a
      steady diet of absurd, raised a steady crop of absurd, and one day
      became absurd. Emotion, passion, couldn't keep them real. An
      imagined biological imperative couldn't keep them real. An imagined
      God couldn't keep them real. They evaporated in an intellectual
      holocaust, spread like a viral infection in mass communication, the
      great misnomer. They felt it, but it wasn't real. They felt it, but
      couldn't define or understand it. They felt it, but disappeared.
      People weren't real. In the scheme of what is or isn't, it was of no
      matter, no bother. Nothing was lost but time. Being human was like
      getting a power tool as a gift and never learning how to use it: it
      lays forgotten on a back shelf covered in dust in the end. There
      never seemed to be enough time to learn how to use it, and now that
      disinterest finishes the human endeavor.

      We let the government think for us and teach us. We let Madison
      Avenue think for us and teach us. Many of us are comfortable, some
      of us are very confortable, and many of us are not so comfortable,
      but we have hope we will eventually become comfortable. Simple
      truth. If 50 million United States citizens refuse to go back to
      work until gasoline costs 1 dollar a gallon, it will cost 1 dollar a
      gallon within 24 hours. If 50 million United States citizens refuse
      to go back to work until there is national health care for every
      citizen, there will be national health care within 24 hours. Mass
      communication is mass mesmerization, peace for the sake of peace,
      soma. Television is not out to kill you, just subdue you.

      Terrorism? If I see a group of goofy looking men standing at the
      front of my airplane holding box cutters I am certainly not going to
      be terrified, just a bit irritated. I wouldn't even be pissed until
      they refused to sit down when I told them to. What terror? I'm not
      afraid to fly on on airplane because some guy has a stupid little
      knife. It would take at least a gun to get my serious attention.
      Poor security? They had little tiny plastic knives. You believe in
      terror because the government and television call these things
      terrorism. Hiroshima was terrorism. Repeating rifles against bows
      and arrows was terrorism. Lynching a man for the color of his skin
      was terrorism. Your government and the airline industry made
      September 11 into terrorism by eroding away your right to defend
      yourself on an airplane. You payed for your ticket. You have the
      right to expect to get where you're going. September 11 was
      horrifying, but the guys with the little knives could not have
      pulled it off without the help of the US government.

      How much information does the government need about its citizens?
      How much censorship should there be of public television or the
      internet? If we are going to use terrorism as an excuse to shred the
      constitution let's at least do it over real terrorists. The camps
      are training zealots not terrorists. They are like abortion clinic
      bombers. The way to defeat a zealot is to stand your ground and
      publicly humiliate their belief system. We should be building bars,
      strip clubs, teen nightclubs, super Wal-marts, movie theatres, and
      American television stations blasting MTV in every home in Iraq, and
      tearing down Mosques with construction equipment, not bombs, in
      broad daylight, and replacing them with hog farms or rib joints. The
      first ethical step in helping the Arab nations is destroying their
      fantasy God. Disrespect the God not the people. Subdual is simple.
      Our culture is bound to eventually put them to sleep, the same way
      it has us. We have every opportunity to be free, and we give up our
      civil rights and human dignity for little doses of mind numbing
      American culture comfort. The government doesn't need to know
      anything about its citizens. There should be no censorship of public
      television, radio, or the internet. Taxes and the military should be
      voluntary. It is absurd to argue the sociological efficaciousness of
      draconian ideas. Change the channel. The citizens allow the
      government. They can disallow it.

      Can we name the coming withdrawal, the inevitable disappearance: how
      about the human disconnection syndrome? When that thumb hesitates to
      push that button, to change that channel, that little fear of
      looking at something disturbing, that little fear of having to think
      and resolve basic human emotional issues, that little vicarious fear
      of hesitation is the stinking smoking gun that no one can see. It is
      really a nagging fear of wasting years of systematic indoctrination.
      Oh my God, I have wasted 25, 30, 40 years of my life learning a
      sociological value system that is entirely meaningless in real human
      terms. Nobody, without exception, lets go of indoctrination easily
      because of time and death. Oh no, I don't have enough time to
      unlearn the ridiculous things I think. If you cannot look at another
      naked human being without being uneasy in your sexuality, and you
      think it's bad for your children to see another naked human being,
      you are disconnected from your humanity period. Sexuality is human,
      and being human is the greatest dignity presently available to you.
      Indoctrination has taken your dignity of being - without that
      dignity you will disappear from being human. Censorship in the media
      gives you that cultural reassurance, that cultural comfort, that you
      aren't wasting your time. Guess again. Our basic educational system
      is just a twelve step program - memorization and repetition. You
      think something enough times, while others around you are
      encouraging you to think the same as them, you will think it is true
      no matter how ridiculously disconnected from real fundamental human
      dignity it is. That is indoctrination.

      equality I spoke the word
      as if a wedding vow

      Why does the mad Dane propose his God as completely resisting
      equalization? He knows God is imagined. If what has imagined God has
      yet to know what it is itself, anything it imagines can never be
      real. What humans imagine will only be able to ever be possible when
      they are real. SK knows real humans won't imagine any kind of God.
      Tillich understood this reasoning and made the theoretical or
      phenomenal God the only humanly approachable God, but just a shadow
      of a greater undeterminable God. These men did not believe in God in
      a fundamentalist sense, but rather more like a sociologically
      intellectually evolutionary force that was good for humanity - a
      constructive developmental legend - an enobling concept. They were
      wrong. God ideas stopped it all where it stood. That was as real as
      it ever got for humanity.

      In the end, across the only presently potentially free piece of real
      estate in this humanly discerned cosmos, we argued terminology to
      satiation and boredom; and dissipated from human expression. It was
      only time after all. There was no threat to being. It was just a
      brief daliance with the sensual torment of futility.

      A night or two ago, in this empty place, I saw a fire flickering up
      along the river, and I heard familiar voices, old humans I knew from
      before, singing old songs and dancing old dances, laying down
      together in the grass. They were telling new stories I never heard
      before. I listened.

      Trinidad Cruz
    • Mary Jo
      Thank you Trinidad. Your last paragraph reminded me of a poem I wrote in Arizona the summer of 2000. You ve reinforced so many of my own ideas in your own
      Message 2 of 2 , May 2, 2004
        Thank you Trinidad. Your last paragraph reminded me of a poem I wrote
        in Arizona the summer of 2000. You've reinforced so many of my own
        ideas in your own individual way that I consider your posting a
        birthday present. Nice to know you're still with us. Mary Jo

        Light Bodies

        When the indigo blanket of night
        unfolds so softly and deep
        over silky low clouds of lavender
        apricot and the palest green
        the first faint twinklings of starlight
        promise new dreams and horizons
        I chart my adventures beginning

        Across dark and desolate deserts
        waves of warm sand whirl me
        past shadows of statued saguaro
        sentinels of a secret border
        where cool breezes are whispering stories
        laughter and music and dancing
        I hear lovers and evergreens sighing

        Near a cold glassy lake in a forest
        where grasses are dewy and sweet
        old friends and companions are waiting
        eager to share in my treasures
        with sparkling eyes around the campfire
        Anchored beneath the blackest sky
        I sleep by your fire again
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