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Re: Back at you

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  • louise
    Bill, You re the most straightforward of them all. A misunderstanding, surely ... I don t believe you have a resident psychotic. There s your lovely wife,
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 30, 2004
      You're the most straightforward of them all. A misunderstanding,
      surely ...
      I don't believe you have a resident psychotic. There's your lovely
      wife, there's me only making a nuisance of herself at worst, and
      there's that melancholy ghost who crosses your deck now and again.
      The dentist reference has several connotations in my mind. Firstly,
      Mary Jo's humour had me insecure about facing my six-monthly check-
      up, but it all went very well. Even in the waiting-room I had an
      enjoyable time chuckling over a Simpson's comic: this is not a TV
      show I've tended to like in times past, though I knew there must be
      value in it because of the calibre of people who I was aware did
      enjoy it. What goes on in the surgery and at the reception desk is
      private, clearly; and here we come to the nub of my remark.
      I resent the breaking of traditional codes of honourable conduct in
      war - to show a captured man having his teeth examined: images
      transmitted to billions of people. I actually think there was
      somewhat less excuse for this than for the admittedly more
      disgusting grilling to which former President Clinton was
      subjected. At least in that case a principle was clearly
      discernible - the dignity of the office.
      And in case I haven't appeased you, Major Harris, I was subjected to
      thirteen months of analysis of the Book of Revelation in the period
      that culminated in my pre-millennial delusions. Yes, it was
      voluntary; but something happened in that church hall that sounded
      to me, in my mad condition of mind that, at least as I came away
      from the scene, in tears, sounded to me like the enactment of a
      surrogate marriage. If that was merely my own madness, I apologise
      to those concerned; it has taken me five years to step free from it,
      and that work is over. I want to discuss existentialism, but if
      anyone qualified wants to take uncle Albert's prescriptions, I'd be
      delighted also.
      ... still trying to make sense of much, too much ...

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      > Thankfully my resident psychotic is much more vile.
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