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Victimless Crimes

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  • Mary Jo
    Bill, I don t have enough strength to break anyone s feet, but when they see the blade pop out of the end of that beauty, they ll surely run. Although I used
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 28, 2004

      I don't have enough strength to break anyone's feet, but when they
      see the blade pop out of the end of that beauty, they'll surely run.
      Although I used to be a pretty good sprinter I can't run anymore; but
      I could take them out at the knees, if they don't get a move on while
      they stand there with their mouths hanging open. Course I could do a
      Maldoror on them too and slice across their mouth.

      I thought you might like Albert's first love story. He also really
      loved his cats too.

      The morphine addiction is understandable. Just given the maintenance
      amounts I received in the hospital caused me to chill, no worries. Of
      course, the higher amounts and the PCP (personal pump)was hilarious.
      Trying to wake up from that deep sleep was like climbing out of a
      very very deep black hole. Didn't care for that dosage too much, but
      I also didn't like the pain. Funny thing though, I can't remember the
      actual pain. The lady does that to you. It seems you start out
      choosing her, then she takes you by force.

      Those homosexual alcoholic priests are taken care of for life by the
      church. They don't need to be victimizing anyone. But we all know how
      stingy pension and retirement plans tend to be. As the church
      flounders through its rough spots, I suggest the Vatican sell off
      some of its treasures to keep their pedophiles in business. That the
      church preys on the poor, the orphan, the widow, and the confused is
      the same ol' isn't it? Let the buggers get married, gay or straight.
      The old argument about not having enough time to serve is obviously
      not true. Look at all the time they have on their hands to prey.

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