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Re: The third Matrix

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  • Brian M.
    I thought that the Matrix trilogy was a straight rip from christian myth. Substitute Neo for Jesus, the computer s agents for the Romans, and the Architect
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      I thought that the Matrix trilogy was a straight rip from christian
      myth. Substitute Neo for Jesus, the computer's agents for the Romans,
      and the Architect (The Father), Neo (The Son), and the Oracle (the
      Holy Spirit) Heck, the leading lady is named Trinity (my Mother is
      Catholic). On another side, you have the story of Moses' exodus of
      the hebrew slaves from Egypt apparent in Morpheus' mass exodus of
      human slaves from the matrix. Zion is both the name of the promised
      land of the Jews and the home of all the liberated "Neo-phytes" from
      the matrix. (pun intended)

      In the end, Neo is sacrificed to "save" those who have chosen to
      break out of the matrix. He dissappears into a flash of white light
      shaped as a cross. I guess the idea is that he is dying to save
      anyone that wants to be out of the matrix.

      The idea of free will is an essential concept that supporters of
      christianity use to defend their fire and brimstone brandishing god,
      and free will is likewise an essential concept in the matrix. The
      architect acts as the God-figure in the matrix, and although he
      apparently has omniscient powers over the matrix he allows Neo to
      keep the semblance of choice. See the transcript:
      Neo chose to leave the Matrix in the first movie (red pill or blue?),
      so he wasn't really thrown into a different existence. Nor does he
      refuse to return to the dream world. He constantly goes in and out of
      the matrix to run his little errands, but it would be impossible for
      him to ever reintegrate to the matrix once he knows the truth about
      the world. So goes the movie with the "follow me and ye shall be
      saved" propaganda. I kinda lost interest in the series after the
      second one when I figured out what they were doing. It could aptly be
      retitled "the Passion of the Wachowski Brothers"


      > The third installment of the Martix trilogy secures the hero a
      > soundly existential position in modern SciFi. Neo is truly thrown
      > into the world when he finds his existance to be a fraud. He finds
      > inhabits a computer program that is a complete illusion put forward
      > to facilitate a human existance that does little but fuel the
      > of cyber programs and the machine world.
      > I do not buy the cheap theatrical metaphore of being thrown into
      > existance. If you promote that concept as integral to
      > then your philosophic system is indeed flawed. Being born is a one
      > hundred % probability for us all and nuturing is provided to the
      > higher number of surviving humans.
      > Neo was thrown into the world when he is chosen to be awakened
      > the program of the matrix. Metaphorically this is better structured
      > than the great stretch attempted by traditional existentialism.
      > Indeed if there is a moment of awakening it is when a modern
      > throws off the foolishness of faith and refuses to succomb to the
      > program world of metaphysics. At that point you are thrown into a
      > world that demands answers. Neo reacts in a truly existential
      > and rebels completely against the facade of his future world. He
      > experiences comradship and real world sexual fulfillment and
      > to be taken back into the dream world.
      > The Matrix itself bears a striking resemblance to Eduard`s
      > ascension of machines as our progeny. The whole thing is horrific,
      > inhuman and completely reprehensible. Cyber cops called agents
      > the Matrix and reprogram any who slip away from programming.
      > Metaphorically they resemble the CSW`s and Susans of our day. I do
      > not think they have been thrown into anything and indeed promote
      > most diluted form of luke warm thinking. Substitute outmoded for
      > continental and you approach the level of application one can
      > from following the matrixed program we are to follow.
      > I will not give away the terminance of the show , but I find it
      > existential in position and authentic in resolution of character.
      > believe it is being shown on the continent. Were it viewed there
      > would the agents allow it as proper and priviledged? Bill
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