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Re: Assigning nothing

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  • louise
    Bill, It s possible I may understand the first half of the first sentence of your post here, but it staggers me so much that you think this that I should
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 26, 2004
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      It's possible I may understand the first half of the first sentence
      of your post here, but it staggers me so much that you think this
      that I should probably retire from existlist for the night, and see
      if anything makes any more sense in the morning.
      ... maybe I'm just foolish to try participating in a conversation
      founded in response to a set of films I've never seen; yes, that is
      foolish, isn't it ...

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <valleywestdental@q...>
      > Jo, Since I am well schooled in the Bookdoc academy of non valued
      > perusal, I do not say the Ins knome is good or bad. A long
      > friend employee of a Sperry Rand subsidery had built a prototype
      > company on a manual data management system. This thing was
      > and was programmed by punch cards. The actual data storage units
      > were like huge rolidex units. There were hundreds of these units
      > stretching for thousands and thousands of square feet of office
      > space. The system revolutionized the industry as actuaries were
      > able to work with much greater data bases. This imparts a
      > like power on the industry. In a more and more specific way they
      > predict the future. They can predict very closely when and why
      > will die. The more they know of you the more they can predict what
      > your life will hold.
      > If you are an employee in this industry you become a self
      > fulfilling experiment. Your life becomes more and more controlled
      > probability distributions known and manipulated by your employeer.
      > Your particular data base can be filled out with great
      > specificity.So how do these people live? I can only generalise
      > their employers have the more exact answers. The employees are
      > most and work for raises and benefits along with the usual
      > carrots that are dangled before their noses. Yet how do they
      > to their world, how happy are they, what are their aspirations,
      > are their political affiliations, religous beliefs and
      > preferences.
      > I do not know the answers to these questions but I do observe
      > they do form a distinct group in dress, income level, cars they
      > drive and general intelligence level. They seem very much alike
      > their employers could prove that supposition false because they
      > the data. It is private information and it dwarfs the rooms full
      > rolidex files that preexisted the mainframe computer. I know
      > knowledge can be translated into power, so go figure. Bill
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