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Re: Mark and Lorna

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  • louise
    All right, Bill, I ld like to appeal to the Moderator - whether CSW or Susan has the acting authority currently - that we allow things on existlist to be
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2004
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      All right, Bill,
      I'ld like to appeal to the Moderator - whether CSW or Susan has the
      acting authority currently - that we allow things on existlist to be
      vigorous again - that ad hominem attacks are allowed, and the battle
      is to the strong, existentially speaking. Because of my femaleness,
      and the intertwining nature of my affective and intellectual life, I
      was catastrophically for a while at a disadvantage: there were posts
      from yourself and others, using the f-word, and so on, when I was
      trying to obey the rules, whilst on the other hand, instinctive
      feminine attempts to protect me from myself were being made, in my
      opinion, by Susan and Mary Jo; and the collective unintended result
      was actually the worst form of patriarchy. Existlist became,
      surreally, Taliban-territory. My own personal opinion. Nothing
      Your last sentence is superb - you're one of the few people I know -
      and, hell, I hardly know any Americans - who at times is able to
      reconcile me totally to the roaring chaotic power of that complex
      culture we call the United States of America. By reconcilement I do
      not mean appeasement. I am talking about being at peace, whilst
      conducting, in honourable fashion, a cultural war, consisting of
      many battles, on many fronts, over a long period of time, whether or
      no I live to see much of this. I am British, yes, and there is
      nothing, absolutely nothing, of which I am more proud.

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <valleywestdental@q...>
      > Louise, Mark was a religio freak that ended up being barred. He
      > threatned several of us but primarily Eduard. Lorna started about
      > that time but she was much less notable. Bookdoc was the most
      > interesting of posters during my time. He was pure absurdist and
      > loved to argue. Since he claimed to not exist he was most
      > to pin down. Eduard and he got on quite badly and they initiated
      > epic Blue clam, Red clam discussion. It was back in the days when
      > used the British rules of argument. Ad hominum attacks were not
      > allowed but were a necessity of survival. I pine for the good old
      > days when a good fuck you would clear the decks for more personal
      > insult and abuse. It is so difficult to call people derogitory
      > when you have to use four or five syllables. Bill
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