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Re: SAD ! --- Corrections

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  • Yana Youhana
    ... So, isn t the existence of others = the existence of society!!!! ... Why reclassify?! They already have the medication for them, and if they make new
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 2, 1999
      >From: Meghan <freelance@...>
      >Social anxiety disorder isn't due to the "very existence" of society ---
      >it's panic attacks which occur when one *interacts* with others in certain
      >social situations.

      So, isn't the existence of others = the existence of society!!!!

      >Essentially, it's social phobia.
      ><<Have you ever wondered that most of this new-aged deseases are made by
      >pharmasodical companies>>
      >Actually, most of the "new-aged deseases [sic]" are just reclassifications
      >of conditions which have existed for quite some time.

      Why reclassify?! They already have the medication for them,
      and if they make new ones, they should just replace the old,
      why create new name for the same desease and still keep the

      >Social phobia (which
      >is very close to some forms of agoraphobia) is hardly a new disorder --- it
      >just has the new name of "social anxiety disorder."

      see my above reply^

      ><<so they can sell their products that they invented by "accident"!>>
      >The drugs are hardly invented by accident. To develop a substance capable
      >of alleviating serious organic disturbances in the brain reliably and
      >safely takes a meticulous process of research and testing. A chemist
      >doesn't accidentally spill Vial A into Beaker B and suddenly have a new
      >drug. (Despite how it seems in the movie "Brain Candy." :-)

      By accident, i mean they start working for example on a cure for
      cancer, suddenly they come-up with something that make old men
      horney so they say ooooops, what do we do with this?!, O.K.,
      here viagra for men :))) that is what i mean by accident.
      Before viagra came to market, did they even say they were working
      on something like that?, NO, all the time we here they are working
      very hard to find a cure for adis and cancer and other diseases,
      but suddenly they come-up with 50 different collor pills for
      manic depression and believe me you i see people that take those
      pills, very sad...

      ><<And now they are stock with the spendager and need to make money so they
      >creat a desease (sp?)>>
      >A few years back TPTB reclassified "manic depression" as "bipolar
      >disorder," but it doesn't mean that bipolar disorder is a new disease.

      That is what i am trying to tell you, why they come-up with new names?
      what should a person with manic depression think, he/she is
      bipolar disorder person and take orange pill or manic depression and
      take the prozac?! all this is playing with people's minds my dear.

      >It's not like pharmaceutical companies are just making this stuff up, as
      >you seem to be alleging.
      >To say so shows a gross misunderstanding of mental disorders and the
      >classifications thereof.

      I wasn't just talking about mental disorders, i was saying it
      accross the boarder, all over about the pharmasodical companies.

      >[Have I mentioned yet that I used to work in a mental hospital?]

      So, does that make you an expert in knowing whether or not
      pharmasodical companies are using our goverment founds on
      wrong researchs? should one say my father was a brain surgen so
      lay down i am qualified to do a brain surgery on you?!!!!

      now you mentioned you used to work in a mental hospital,
      what do you think about human condition in those places?

      >I thought it was based on faulty assumptions and misunderstanding, and
      >wanted to set the record straight.

      Well, it was my knowledge that I have found via research, and
      you very well know in lot of cases is true only you like to
      attack because you haven chosen to and i am not going to try
      to change your mind. what i have said must have realy hit the
      botton to make you jump on every word i write!

      >-Meghan (in league with Cecil Adams in the fight against misinformation)

      H'm^, how little it takes to make you sometimes happy and
      sometimes very angry. but my analysis show that after
      kirby and roshto and charles came to your aid, you became
      more confident and try not to show your anger,(which is good),
      (but sometimes), you should read few times something before you
      become defensive of the third party.

      Thank You!
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