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  • Yana Youhana
    Roshto, Please tell me what Yo means? Also I have never used any1 s name on the subject header and I do NOT beleive is an adequite thing to do, however I
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 2, 1999

      Please tell me what "Yo" means?

      Also I have never used any1's name on the subject header
      and I do NOT beleive is an adequite thing to do, however
      I hope Christopher will let me know if that is O.K. since
      he is the moderator of this list.

      >From: Brandon Roshto <broshto@...>
      >Reply-To: existlist@onelist.com
      >To: existential list <existlist@onelist.com>
      >Subject: [existlist] Yana
      >Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999 21:34:14 -0500 (EST)
      >Yo Yana,
      >I think I recall you mentioning before that you were interested in
      >Nietzsche, although I don't think you spelled his name like that, but I
      >think we're thinking of the same guy.

      You may be right about me not having spelled his name right because
      I am a terible speller BUT I have one unique quality and that is
      I make my point accross!

      >B/c of your interest in him, I am assuming that you've read some of his

      I have read all of his "thus spoke Zarthostra" 3 times and still
      don't get it perfectly and half of his "the will to power" probably
      5 times and made many notes and each time my notes is different from
      the previous ones, that is why I like him and Kafka because they help me use
      my brain in different ways, sort of them coming to life and
      arguing with me and each tiem they tell me "no, that is not what
      we meant" :), also his notes about women "being like a caw", any women would
      get angry,correct?,
      not only I didn't but it made me proud to think a women must of
      screwed him (a ginues) real bad for him to write that :))))

      >If I'm right, then have you read his work "On the Genealogy of
      >Morality?" If so what did you think?

      I don't recall (c: Regan, 1984), but I will try to read it this weekend,(can
      not do sooner) becasue I work little more than full time and swim on mon
      nights and wed go to elderly's home and on tue and
      thur I take photography and friday nights family nights otherwise
      they will disown me, sat morning swim again so I am left with
      sun. I will read it sun and will tell you what I think, can you wait until
      >I find it paradoxical that you use N. as one of your influences and then
      >speak of today's society, in general, a "not so much thinking for themself

      His haveing brought up in strict christian family! So would
      you ask "i find it paradoxical that Neitzche was anti christian
      even thought his family (a clergy family) had such an influance
      on him?" !!! would you?! Just becasue you like some1 does NOT
      mean you should think and talk like them?!!! I love his smartness
      and also the fact that how could a peron that wrote "the will to
      power" and spoke of uberman, would brake down at the sight of
      a horse being beaten by his master? So, sometimes I think maybe
      due to the over protective mother and sister, he truley had a
      very weak personality and he wrote these powerfull words becasue
      in real life he could NOT be any of them!

      >If you haven't read this work maybe you should. It might have a profound
      >effect on:
      > - you view of N. or
      > - you subjective view of thinking in general

      >PS: I haven't heard much from you lately. What's wrong,

      Last weekend was my cousin's 40 day death aniversary and
      is our tradition to re run the funaral and go to grave yard.
      I was out of town.

      also sometimes I am extreemly busy so I may delay responding,
      please do NOT take that as me ignoring you. thanx!

      >you haven't been
      >accepting these challenges.

      Why shouldn't I? (what do I have to lose)?!!! As I said
      before I have never been rude to any1 and will never be,
      I just shared with you my thoughts!

      >That's not like you. C. from London asked a
      >very good question earlier.
      I wrote a little story last night for Charles, I will
      probably posted tonight. You should not worry your happy self :)

      Are you still "contemplating" an answer. I'm
      >very excited to hear your response to his question.

      I am happy that I've caused some1 in this world a little
      excitment :)

      >From The Exist List...
      ><< text3.html >>
    • Meghan
      Yana wrote: Except for that time you called us all losers. That was pretty rude. -Meghan
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 2, 1999
        Yana wrote:

        <<As I said before I have never been rude to any1>>

        Except for that time you called us all losers. That was pretty rude.




        "Lead me not into temptation; I can find the way myself."

        -- Rita Mae Brown
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