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Re: Tirades and Tiaras

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  • Brandon Roshto
    ... several weeks ago. Please read your messages before you send them.
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 31, 1999
      On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Yana Youhana wrote:

      > From: "Yana Youhana" <yana_youhana@...>
      > Charles,
      > It was NOT my that caused me ask those questions.
      > It was the "TOPIC OF FREEDOM"! And all proved to
      > me that everything they wrote about that topic was
      > nothing but buch empty, shallow words that none of
      > them believed in. You see how if they truley believed
      > in all their "phylosophical" thoughts, they would NOT
      > have jumped on my case and called me names. Which is
      > O.K. because they ONLT proved that I WAS RIGHT, THEY
      > don't think. And BTW, I meant to not include you in
      > that e-mail by saying except for Charles but I forgot!
      > Actually among all these loseres, you are the ONLY one
      > who thinks. Tom does to but he does not have any real
      > life experience to use for his teories.
      > And as far as my grief, "TIME HEALS EVERYTHING" they say!
      > >
      > have a great day
      > ~yana
      > Fortunately, for you Yana, not everyone replied to your railling post
      several weeks ago.

      Please read your messages before you send them.

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