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Re: [existlist] Following?

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  • Mattlzpf@aol.com
    I m just trying to make sure people don t find a safe haven in saying, leave me alone, I m my own person. I m special because I m an individual just as you
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 31, 2004
      I'm just trying to make sure people don't find a safe haven in saying,
      "leave me alone, I'm my own person. I'm special because I'm an individual
      just as you are too--equal yet both distinct." If we can't question our own
      ideas then why are we posting?


      >>>>>matt c,
      existentialism is about the individual... but every time someone writes
      something about subjectivity, individuality, it seems that you almost feel
      offended... why? if you don't think that individual defines everything, then
      i don't see anything egocentric in words "individual defines everything",
      because i value the thoughts of others as highly as mine. i think that
      has the right for their own opinion, for every person it is different and the
      most significant. i RESPECT what other people think, even if i don't think
      same. even if "your" reality is different than "mine", i havn't said and
      will that mine is better :)

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