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  • louise
    Another clarification: I am not Hamlet; I didn t come on this group pretending to be ill - I just, maybe, gave the impression either that I was ill, or that I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2004
      Another clarification: I am not Hamlet; I didn't come on this group
      pretending to be ill - I just, maybe, gave the impression either
      that I was ill, or that I was afraid I was still ill; and that's not
      it at all. Mental illness is a metaphor anyway. Brain disease -
      where you can see the physical evidence, such as in Parkinson's or
      Alzheimer's, is quite different.
      It's not good, though, in my opinion, to be out of touch with
      reality; but I find the common social evasions of reality are
      excused. Society is so cruel - and to be well adapted to society
      can mean that one is not adjusted to reality. Cruelty is usually a
      sign that subjectivity is not being rationally examined - an
      unwillingness to examine one's own motives. In British politics,
      the concept of persuadability has been gradually replacing the
      concept of truth, especially over the last seven years, or at least
      the blatancy of this has been exposed to view (though not, to much
      surprise over here, by Lord Hutton, who has just presented his
      report on the death of Dr. David Kelly, the weapons inspector who
      took his own life: the government have escaped criticism).
      Let me just present my hunch: what is called schizophrenia, i.e., a
      bunch of symptoms that may include extreme apathy, or delusionary
      thinking, is an individual manifestation of a generalised tendency
      in human beings not to want to know the truth. Having come out on
      the other side of that, I believe that you could make a case for
      schizophrenia being exactly what is needed, existentially -and I DO
      NOT MEAN THE SYMPTOMS; I mean that supposed split between thinking
      and feeling, that debate within ourselves which is good and healthy,
      which is being stifled out by an intellectually repressive culture.
      The more people have that inner dialectic, in my belief, and it is a
      highly defensible belief, rationally, the more war will be verbal,
      not bloody. In other words, I am a Nietzschean cultural
      revolutionary (at the level of perception, not of politics), reliant
      also on the insights of Kierkegaard, stripped of false
      Finally - evidence for my 'hammer' assertion:
      Twilight of the Idols, Nietzsche's Foreword:
      - For once to pose questions here with a hammer, and perhaps to
      receive for answer that famous hollow sound which speaks of inflated
      bowels - what a delight for one who has ears behind his ears -for an
      old psychologist like me, in presence of whom precisely that which
      would like to remain silent has become audible...

      Is he not speaking of the exposure of lies? Do you feel no kinship
      with this at all, Bill?
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