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Re: le Duard, hyperventalating, reaches for brown bag...only to find dirt in it.

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  • Knott
    ... This someplace -- that you have a dream or fantasy of ANY discussion leading to -- would be something i d certainly call into question. If someplace
    Message 1 of 10 , Nov 27, 2003
      > I suppose I would have to be patient, and attempt to lead
      > you through this a bit at a time. But then I doubt that we
      > would get anywhere, as this is obviously leading into
      > another debate on blue clams and such.

      This "someplace" -- that you have a dream or fantasy of ANY discussion leading to
      -- would be something i'd certainly call into question. If 'someplace' is an agreement
      by parties, we can pretty much be assured that your logistical vector will probably
      never meet mine...probably having to do with the 'science' of plains.

      I would be glad to hear why in your world MONSTER != MONSTER (!= should be a
      symbol for 'does not equal'), and how one appreciates one monster more than
      another--or how one can justify dissatisfaction with self by replacing it with blame
      (not at all an existentialist view, please see county and discussion group guidelines --
      lest your account be terminated).

      Not to project, but I do think it is when the discussion unravels from your neatnick
      perspective into a gnarled mass that dissolves orderly progression, you either become
      too lazy to see it through, or too afraid that the end point might not be to your liking
      -- every pencil in place.

      My guess is you keep a neat desk, and the pencil holder never moves.

      Pigpeneus Breathecadus
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