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Re: tangents and excepts; regrets, egrets and exits...

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  • thebookdoc@aol.com
    I would rebut had I the slightest notion that you would a) understand,
    Message 1 of 20 , Jun 1, 2001
      <<hmmmm the bookduck disagrees and then rants on ... providing no real
      explanation ...>>

      I would rebut had I the slightest notion that you would a)
      understand, or b) try.

      The only thing I will say is the perspective I had taken was a mostly
      logical one. You make grand leaps, and the 'tangents' are those
      details you'd prefer to ignore. That you can't seem to fathom that
      there is a difference between thought and belief is not surprising
      considering the slim grasp you appear to have on conceptualizing and
      perception. Your inability to entertain different means, modes and
      perspectives only adds to a deaded lack of possibility in exploring
      understanding. Perhaps I was taking the long way around to a solid
      beginning. That would require a and b. But I am in no position to
      make rules as is der got alfen.

      I'll not bother more. It seems, suddenly, to have become somewhat
      less interesting. And there are busy things to do.

      I thank all for the entertainment. May your beaches be full of clams
      in whatever color you prefer, and be you not less human than a snail
      for many long happy years.


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