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  • eduard at home
    --MATT_C, ... in a soul or a ... believe in God. I ... what we perceive with ... given as a ... never been drugged, and are really ... === Actually, I would
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 24, 2003
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      > If you think we should be illogical and not believe
      in a soul or a
      > god, let me say just as absurdly, we should be logical and
      believe in God. I
      > think a very ridiculous outmoded idea is the belief that
      what we perceive with
      > our senses is real. Even the idea of real is vague and
      given as a
      > presupposition. Believers of these kinds of ideas have
      never been drugged, and are really
      > just as conformed as your typical Sunday alter boy.

      === Actually, I would suggest that we should be illogical
      and believe in God, so as to indulge in those
      emotional/motivational/spiritual aspects of religion that
      humans have used to their advantage. But at the same time
      to be logical, so as to be aware that it is all fantasy ...

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