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RE: [existlist] tangents and excepts

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  • Eduard Alf
    dear rubbing.lamps.wishing, hmmmm the bookduck disagrees and then rants on ... providing no real explanation ... anyone can see objective data objectively ...
    Message 1 of 20 , May 31, 2001
      dear rubbing.lamps.wishing,

      hmmmm the bookduck disagrees and then rants on ... providing no real
      explanation ...

      anyone can see objective data objectively ... if i say that one can look at
      something from above and report what is seen objectively, you will counter
      with what about seeing it from the bottom or any of 360 degrees from the
      side ... of course it will be different from different directions ...

      a lot was popularly believed in the middle ages ... like flies appearing
      spontaneously from exposed meet ...the fact is that those who had a
      sufficient level of learning were aware that the earth was round ... the
      crucial question was how long one had to sail to get from one side to the
      other ... from Spain to riches of China ... you could only carry a certain
      amount of provisions on a ship and the expected speed was known ... it does
      not take too much to do the calculation ... but Liz was prepared to take the
      risk, considering that the alternate route around africa was also long and
      held by the portuguese ...

      sure, there are still people that think the earth is flat ... there are also
      people who believe in blue clams ...

      i think in many dimensions ... at least more than the constraints of your
      imagination which has only the one of negativity ...

      it is not that tangents and exceptions do not exist ... it is just that they
      are not part of the discussion ... im sure that in the controversy as to who
      would be the next president of the united states, that your contribution was
      something of the order of the events of Ted Kennedy's last escapade ... it
      is beyond me how you can think you are seeking to get to the bottom of what
      exists by talking about everything else, including snails, the blind and
      dead humans ... but then how can a person who does not even know that he
      exists do any revealing ...

      have fun (if you are in the same universe) ...


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      Subject: [existlist] Re: diagram for a flat earth...or nothing

      << you are mixing things up again ... >>

      You are the most insane person I know of...and I congratulate
      you. I know a lot of nuts. I wish I was able to see with these rose

      I mix nothing up. I tell you what you say, and you don't like the
      juxtaposition, so you tell me I am wrong. That is 'order' I guess.

      <<i would agree that it is possible for people to view objective
      data differently ... but that is the subjective view ...>>

      Then who can possibly see objective data objectively? if it is all
      necessarily interpreted...then where is the objectivity? Don't
      show me anything I have to interpret...I guarantee I get it wrong
      from your perspective.

      << no one voted the world to be round ...>>

      From what little I know of history, it was not a popular belief to
      think that the world was round at some point. I believe --
      according to these history-fictions that you like so -- that people
      were even killed for suggesting otherwise ... or was that for
      suggesting that the earth was not the center of the universe?

      In any case—or either case—at some point the popular opinion
      was that the earth was flat...IN FACT, there is still a group that
      prefers to believe that the earth IS flat.


      Try that. Oh, but they are exceptions...and [vhoooomp!] they
      disappear from the Alf world. TO WHOSE RULE ARE THEY
      EXCEPTIONS? You are pledging that you know more than them?
      And is reality governed by the rule of Alf? For all we know you are
      a former cloth TV alien puppet. A fictional character...who played
      himself...just like me. Not only should I believe in a puppet, but I
      should follow the puppet's rule?

      You think in so few dimensions that I get claustrophobic just
      reading your replies. You are so contradictory that your replies
      are an exercise in chaos. You squalk about order and such...why
      not try to convey some? Or is this all a perspective of Alf order?
      All that has to happen is that 'duard Alf has to believe it, and it is
      LAW. Don't look further for god, you are him.

      Yes, I do add tangents and exceptions. But only because you
      want to believe so heartily that they don't exist. And all I am trying
      to do is get to the bottom of what does exist and how in the heck
      you are so sure...but you can't seem to make the least
      convincing argument. I wish like hell you could. I certainly can't
      tell you that you are wrong, but i certainly see you lack sense and
      consistency from this perspective -- which might be just as
      errant or worse than yours.

      And I fight and claw with you and begin, I think, to see flaws in my
      own arguement -- through no help of yours. That a logical
      paradox appears in the circular notion that I might think I have a
      perception of brain and thinking and I...where there is no reason,
      none at all, to believe that people have brains, that everything I
      see is not some dream, that perception is as little attributable to
      sense as my deception that I have senses. All I really ever know
      is I, and only to so limited an extent as I can remember, and
      somehow distinguish between what is i and what is not. There
      is less here than I thought, and mose swiftly I become more of
      nothing. Perhaps I will disappear. Perhaps I am an exception.

    • thebookdoc@aol.com
      I would rebut had I the slightest notion that you would a) understand,
      Message 2 of 20 , Jun 1, 2001
        <<hmmmm the bookduck disagrees and then rants on ... providing no real
        explanation ...>>

        I would rebut had I the slightest notion that you would a)
        understand, or b) try.

        The only thing I will say is the perspective I had taken was a mostly
        logical one. You make grand leaps, and the 'tangents' are those
        details you'd prefer to ignore. That you can't seem to fathom that
        there is a difference between thought and belief is not surprising
        considering the slim grasp you appear to have on conceptualizing and
        perception. Your inability to entertain different means, modes and
        perspectives only adds to a deaded lack of possibility in exploring
        understanding. Perhaps I was taking the long way around to a solid
        beginning. That would require a and b. But I am in no position to
        make rules as is der got alfen.

        I'll not bother more. It seems, suddenly, to have become somewhat
        less interesting. And there are busy things to do.

        I thank all for the entertainment. May your beaches be full of clams
        in whatever color you prefer, and be you not less human than a snail
        for many long happy years.


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