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Re: [existlist] Crass choices

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  • jerryjfortin@aol.com
    Bill, There are few things in life as subtle as a brick, capitalism is one of them. The power of the entire monetary system is designed to take advantage of
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 19, 2003
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      There are few things in life as subtle as a brick, capitalism is one of them.
      The power of the entire monetary system is designed to take advantage of the
      disadantaged, and reward those not in need. Communism is flawed in perhaps
      an even greater degree to the extent that of all those equal individuals there
      are some that have more benefit than others. There is a quasi happy medium in
      our society today. A nation that embraces social programs, with public
      education, public healthcare, and public welfare can be said to be more progressive
      in a societal sense than a nation that does not. The concept of a stipend
      is not entirely pie in the sky. In Alaska, the state provides a small stipend
      based on resource revenues to citizens. The concept is a valid means of
      sharing the wealth of the state, after all the citizen controls the state in a
      democracy. In more basic terms the better form of government is the direct
      democracy system of a nation like Switzerland. But perhaps more to the point in
      terms of monetary relevance is the shift from currency to credit. In fact of
      the entire money supply in the world, nearly 80% was created as interest
      bearing debt by financial institutions, not as hard currency printed or minted by
      nations. They create credit from thin air and issue it as debt, then on top of
      it all they charge interest for its amortization. They never had the money to
      start with, but must be repaid in real earned dollars. For this service they
      justify their charges of interest. Nice scam if you think about it. Makes
      perfect sense to a capitalist, but perhaps far less to the great unwashed
      public. When nations are indebted to financial institutions those that suffer are
      the citizens that are least able to afford it. The are the people that truely
      need help, but the nations cannot afford to help provide for them because of
      their debts to financial institutions.

      So when all is said and done the rich will get richer and the poor will get
      poorer, and lunatics like Osama use disparity as justification for murder. The
      reason the world is the way that it is can be attributed to those inside the
      great system of things. It has turned out the way they wanted it to. How
      many people are employed in the military industrial complex worldwide? How much
      of the world gross international product is spent on weapons? How many
      weapons does it take to feed, cloth, educate and medicate a family? Their are
      endless questions but perhaps finite answers. When we choose to stop killing then
      we can choose to start living. The choice seems simple enough to make. How
      many more people will die because of the great system of things before we
      realize that there is no sum equal to the price of a life spent in peace.


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