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    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 17, 2003
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <valleywestdental@q...>
      > I cannot imagine the frustration in the third world. I have passed
      > the time in life where I think people of color to be inferior in
      > their intellectual capabilities. We are the same but we live in
      > different circumstances.
      > The problem is that the western world will not give up our
      > in a process of general economic leveling. Also we have sufficient
      > military power to defend the greater part of our interests. If
      > depressed populations are to move forward they must work and
      > Oil will slowly receed as the commodity most required by the
      > Human labor will replace it as the most desired of things the
      > underdeveloped world can offer. For those with language skills
      > progress can be quite remarkable.
      > I live in an area where the first computers and their contingent
      > data bases were developed. The changes in our lives have been
      > enormous. We have little or no heavy industry. The old smokestack
      > world is gone. The working world is now composed of clean,
      > office buildings. People work in cubicles, drive nice cars and
      > in modern housing. The factories that build the machines are
      > with robots which are run by engineers. Even agriculture is
      > by huge machines that till, cultivate, plant and harvest crops.
      > are trying to cooperate with nature to make less negative impact
      > our food production. Progress is being made and our lives slowly
      > become better.
      > Humans are not very strong physically, but we can analize and
      > The massive machines that do our heavy work must be programmed,
      > serviced and maintained. There is plenty of work for humans in
      > new world but it is cleaner and more intellectual in nature. We
      > outsourcing more and more data entry jobs. That level of our work
      > force is beginning to feel pressure from third world competition.
      > Now , some people of color work for less and thus join the modern
      > world in places unthought of twenty years ago. We do not care
      > god you worship when you go home to your family. That is your
      > business. Our business with you takes place at your place of
      > employment. This new world is pragmatic, can seem cold, but is not
      > intrinsically unkind. It is a world of fantastic goods and
      > I have watched this develope over the last 50 years. What we are
      > building has great merit. Your spirtual life, if you want one, is
      > none of my concern. The world of business and industry is here to
      > provide goods and services not gods and religions. That the modern
      > world becomes less religious is the result of free choice on the
      > of its citisens. I have lived in a highly religious home. I have
      > lived in the new modern home this new world provides. I choose
      > new world environment. If the old world, the third world, tells me
      > cannot have it, I will fight for the new world. For me, it is that
      > much better. Bill
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