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Re: [existlist] Re: A time to feel unkempt

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  • Mary Jo Malo
    Hi Bookdoc, I suppose you re right. Some will try to fix things, but it probably won t make anything better . Darwinism will rule, and things can only become
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 15, 2003
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      Hi Bookdoc,

      I suppose you're right. Some will try to fix things, but it probably won't make anything "better". Darwinism will rule, and things can only become "different". Worse is certainly open for discussion. It's just that this pesky estrogen/testerone battle seems to be escalating. Perhaps that's the result of the present path of evolution. The genes that rule these attributes are trying to replicate themselves and don't give a darn about who or what gets in their way.

      But as for breeding and such, in western societies, reproduction needs those fetishes. The memes of consumerism and confused sexual mores have taken the day. Economics and emotional confusion (more memes) are added to a new direction of "what future generation?"

      I want to control and assess and change the direction of those uncooperative genes.It's not a battle of the sexes anymore. It's a battle over who gets custody of the designer jeans/genes.

      Doc, you really need to come over to McGods and Neoex to contribute your wisdom.

      Mary Jo

      Knott <god@...> wrote:
      > Genetics will soon fix our hormones...

      If you mean by the 'sense' of humans to alter something so it works better, I doubt it.
      If you suggest by natural selection, I doubt it even more. This is not to say anything
      will get worse. I favor the description of 'different'.

      The motivation for genetic change or natural selection would really never have to do
      with an evaluation of hormones. If a woman tries to set a hook by wearing glittery
      high-heels, it is doubtful that genetically she is supporting anything but a shoe or
      foot fettish. Once we breed in fettish, populations may start dropping when
      imprinting favors cleverly designed combinations of wood, leather, plastic, thread and
      glue. I see change without the possibility of definitive qualitative assessment.

      Even I. Downbelevemei

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