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The banality of nihilism?

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  • iambiguously
    From Thoman Hibbs Shows About Nothing : .....Hannah Arendt crafted the phrase banality of evil to describe the phenomenon of Adolf Eichmann, architech of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2003
      From Thoman Hibbs' "Shows About Nothing":

      ".....Hannah Arendt crafted the phrase 'banality of evil' to
      describe the phenomenon of Adolf Eichmann, architech of the Nazis'
      final solution. On her way to Jerusalem to report on the trial,
      Arendt expected to encounter a modern-day Iago or Macbeth but found
      neither. What Arendt discovered in Eichnmann was a shallowness of
      motive, a failure to take thought, and more specifically, an
      inability to adopt the point of view of another. Instead of a
      complex and mysterious demon, he was simply a law-abiding citizen
      doing his job, concerned to advance his career. His 'normalacy was
      more terrifying than the atrocities' he committed. In his testimony,
      Eichmann alternated between claiming that no one can be criticized
      for doing what he did, for doing his duty and flippantly dismissing
      the entire affair."

      Here I rest my case!!!!

      What causes the "banality of evil"---cultural or philosophical
      nihilism? Think of the "silent majority", "moral majority", "law and
      order", "America love or leave it" crowd. Think of a citizenry that
      will follow the Big Buckmeisters and their shills in the government
      and the media right into the Fourth Reich if it keeps gas in their
      SUVs, criminals off their streets and God in their churches every
      Sunday morning.

      Nietzsche's whole point about the "death of God" is this: it is
      those still clinging TO him [and all the other metaphysical systems
      modelled after him] who are the real font of nihilism. Here nihilism
      is construed philosophically as the need to invest everything in
      BEING. In I AM: white, male, American, Protestant, conservative.
      Whatever. It is Babbitry writ large over an entire nation. Then when
      you couple this to a political economy that mass produces politcal
      and philosophical imbeciles bent on consuming pop culture and
      celebrity the question isn't, as Frederick noted in Woody
      Allen's "Hannah and Her Sisters", "why did fascism happen"? but "why
      doesn't it happen more often"?

      It doesn't manifest itself [now] because there is too much stability
      in the capitalist nations----too much for the middle class to lose.
      But let there be another Great Depression or another 9/11 magnified
      10 times [say, in the form of a bilogical or chemical attack in the
      USA] and the ruling class is more than ready, willing and able to
      bring out the goon squads again. It is never a question of whether
      this will occur...only when and under what circumstances. And,
      again, it won't tbe the post-modernist philosophers acting as the
      play by play and "color" announcers as the death toll mounts and
      mounts. No, those folks will come from Talk Radio and the heritage

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