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Re: [existlist] Bang Bang

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  • eduard at home
    Bill, As I have said before, there is this siege mentality . I agree that if you live in remote area that you may need your gun to protect yourself from
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 29, 2003

      As I have said before, there is this "siege mentality". I
      agree that if you live in remote area that you may need your
      gun to protect yourself from other people. But it is the
      overwhelming focus upon this need which I think is prevalent
      in American society. It is like those "walled" communities
      that I saw in Florida. I would not be surprised that they
      cemented shards of glass on the top of the wall. People,
      who live in such communities, live in fear, simply because
      their is a wall. It is a continual reminder of what might
      happen should the wall not be there.


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      > Double tap to the head, thats the way they do it.I have
      had very
      > different experience from most of you. Jo seems to get it.
      There are
      > bad people and bad places. I make no pretense as to using
      my guns to
      > hunt. I use them for protection and have fun building and
      > proficient with them.I might like a world like John
      Lennon proposed
      > in Imagine. No possessions, sharing all the world. That ,
      however is
      > not at all what we live in. Many in our population are
      > acquainted with the violence that lies below the surface
      of the
      > modern world. Certainly if you drive from a lilly white
      suburb to a
      > office cubicle in a security bldg you have little need
      for personal
      > protection. If you move in groups of co workers and stay
      within your
      > prescribed parameters you will be safe. Those fortunate
      enough to
      > live such a life do not need guns and probably have a
      > difficulty understanding why others might need a weapon.
      > I could relate war story after war story regarding
      weapons and
      > their legitimate use in personal protection. They would
      not impress
      > you unless you felt the fear of being a potential victim.
      You would
      > not understand the relief and self fulfillment associated
      with saving
      > your own life. Nor could you understand my knowledge of
      places and
      > people that are threatening. I hope the peaceful
      environments spread,
      > I hope there is less and less violence. Those are hopes
      and I am not
      > a man of faith. My knowledge base assures me that within
      my life span
      > and situations there will continue to be situations where
      I will be
      > armed. I pray those of you in relative saftey not make
      the law an
      > extra burden for those of us who move in circles of
      danger. I have
      > never shot anyone but have had total excuse more than
      once. I do not
      > want to kill anyone, including myself. Bill
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