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Re: [existlist] GLADIATOR SCHOOL

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  • Lorna Landry
    Bill, I d like to think I m self-taught. Who needs an academy when you drive to work every morning? Lorna bhvwd wrote: Live fast,
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 15, 2003

      I'd like to think I'm self-taught. Who needs an academy when you drive to work every morning?


      bhvwd <valleywestdental@...> wrote:
      Live fast, die young, make a handsome corpse. Remember Downhill
      Racer , Aspin Extreme, Camus in his racing car, Hemmingway at war,
      Sartre and the resistance? I do not think it simple coincidence that
      all of these stories and people have strong existential connections.I
      also think the risk taking attitude inherant in the existential
      philosophy may be an attribute inherant long before existentialism
      became a convinient excuse. If one is supposed to be intelligent
      there must be a rational for attempted suicide. Nihilism, angnst and
      all the rest of it are perhaps no more than excuses for a wild bunch
      that value life only when it is fun. It is fun when it is exciting
      and it is exciting when it is dangerous. Eduard may be right, it is
      not a philosophy, it is an attitude. They train us in the gladiator
      schools of christianity and the great academies of profound boredom.
      We strain at the bit and they are forced to give us our head, we
      plunge into danger, slightly armed and barley clothed in
      existential concept. The survivors return to tell the brave
      stories, the dead are quickly forgotten. Perhaps when Hemmingway put
      the bullet in his head he realized he had been used as the poster boy
      for danger and excitement. Or perhaps he came to Peggy Lee`s
      question, "Is that all there is?"
      At any rate I have been through several gladiator academies, how
      about the rest of you? Bill

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