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Re: Mary Jo was "Tom Clark"

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  • Mary Jo Malo
    Pretty sure I wasn t Tom Clark . I would say that ethics should be based on ultimate truth, but in the absence of such, I shouldn t kill someone (Even that
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 2, 2003
      Pretty sure I wasn't "Tom Clark".

      I would say that ethics should be based on ultimate truth, but in the
      absence of such, I shouldn't kill someone (Even that becomes
      situational, doesn't it?) I try with all my being not to hurt people.
      I believe the only ethic is love, but knowing how to express love for
      each person or a community is difficult. I challenge anyone to tell
      me that they know for sure what is right for someone. Community is
      the most difficult task for the individual, isn't it? We want to be
      connected in varying degrees, and we compromise to survive and stay
      sane. Should we compromise? It depends on what you think you know.

      What I would "have you believe" is that when situations become
      critical, people discover or insist on what they really want or need.
      Most conflicts involve this issue, personally or collectively.

      Some people have control over their desires, some don't. Whose
      qualified to decide which ones we should control? Logic and reason
      are helpful in determining this for ourselves. Still we could be
      Relativism and situational ethics are scary for many people. Society
      needs some structure, but how much is too much?

      I never forget humanity's ability to sacrifice for the greater good.
      T Let's not forget the phenomenal story: the sacrifice of Jesus. Self-
      sacrifice has been my personal lifestyle. One needs to be sure of
      what really is the greater good. Should we sacrifice? Is it for the
      greater good? Who can decide, if not you? Consensus makes us feel
      safe, and perhaps agreement is ultimately what connects us to people.
      I'm only saying we should be careful about what we're agreeing to.

      Mary Jo

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, Mattlzpf@a... wrote:
      > >> Our egos or self interest are not necessarily bad, just a
      reflection of
      > our true >>nature, individual, unique, alien if you will.
      > I may ask you a question of ethics then--is there any basic ethics
      that we
      > should follow? If there isn't, then what would make our egos or
      self interest
      > bad, or even good for that matter? Do not forget that how ever
      > one's self interest may be, humans are part of communities that act
      in the
      > interest of the whole (a community with multiple interests).
      > >>>Don't all of our problems in life stem from our inability to
      > with one >>>another?
      > Many times that seems to be the case.
      > >>>When the chips are down, we all want what we want when we want
      > What chips? This statement is vague. There is much more behind
      this than
      > you'll have us all believe. If you mean that we don't have control
      over our
      > desires, then logic and reasoning are useless to us. You are also
      > human's ability to sacrifice for the greater good, again this comes
      to a question
      > of ethics.
      > --MATT_C
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