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Re: Existential Therapy

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  • Mary Jo Malo
    CSW, Thanks for the information. Here s a portion of something I just read about him: Viktor Frankl at Ninety: An Interview Matthew Scully Copyright (c) 1995
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      Thanks for the information. Here's a portion of something I just read
      about him:

      Viktor Frankl at Ninety:
      An Interview

      Matthew Scully

      Copyright (c) 1995 First Things 52 (April 1995): 39-43.

      Frankl is the rare intellectual called to live out his theories, and
      then rewarded against staggering odds for his faithfulness. Man's
      Search for Meaning itself attests to his notion of hyperintention.
      Had he used the visa and the excuse of professional obligation he
      would not be the same compelling witness. The camps, he wrote, reveal
      man much as Freud and others had described him-a creature driven by
      ego and instinct and sublimated drives. But they reveal something
      even more fundamental-our defining "capacity for self-
      transcendence." "Man is that being who invented the gas chambers of
      Auschwitz; however, he is also that being who entered those chambers
      upright, with the Lord's Prayer or the Shema Yisrael on his lips."
      Frankl-who in the early thirties coined the word "existentialism"-is
      the man who reminded modern psychology of one detail it had
      overlooked, the patient's soul.

      Matthew Scully, a former Literary Editor for National Review and
      speechwriter for Vice President Dan Quayle, is a writer living in
      Arlington, Virginia.

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "C. S. Wyatt" <existlist1@t...>
      > One topic I receive a lot of questions about is "existential
      > psychology" and therapy. I have gathered the following quotes on the
      > topic, which in some way illustrate how Frankl and Jaspers, as
      > theological existentialists, differ from Sartre in their
      > and terminologies.
      > Anyway, here is existential logotherapy's definition from the New
      > Dictionary of Existentialism. I thought it would add yet another
      > interesting thread to the current discussions here:
      > Logotherapy - (from DE) In Existential psychology, the term for Dr.
      > Viktor Frankl's therapy. The theory states that the spiritual
      > of the distressed individuals require treatment rather than the
      > physical symptoms. Thus it is names Logotherapy, from the Greek word
      > "logos," which is "word," "meanings," or "spiritual."
      > "Logos" being the meaning — and, beyond that, something pertaining
      > the noetic, and not the psychic, dimension of man. — Frankl, From
      > Death Camp to Existentialism
      > According to logotherapy, the striving to a meaning in one's own
      > is the primary motivational force in man. — Frankl, Man's Search for
      > Meaning
      > It is, of course, not the aim of logotherapy to take the place of
      > existing psycho-therapy, but only to complement it… which includes
      > spiritual dimension. — Frankl, Doctor of the Soul
      > Thus, logotherapy is a personalistic psychotherapy which does not
      > concern itself primarily with symptoms, but rather tries to bring
      > about a change in orientation with respect to the symptoms. The
      > therapeutic aim of logotherapy is to make the individual aware of
      > purpose in life and to bring him to a fuller understanding of it.
      > Logotherapy is based on the observation that uncertainty about
      > meaning is one of the most important causes of emotional problems in
      > the world today.
      > Sartre applied the basics of logotherapy, but replaced "spiritual"
      > motivation with "emotional" motivation. The basics remained the
      > however.
      > -- Anyway, some food for the brain, I suppose. It is interesting to
      > post a bit of what I am researching to this group and let everyone
      > know what is being added to the web site.
      > CSW
      > http://www.tameri.com/csw/exist
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