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Re: [existlist] So what

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  • drQ
    have to read your message again!!! I liked it... but tell u: no I m not a believer... rather I m a scientist and blinded by science as the song says... I
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 10, 2003
      have to read your message again!!! I liked it... but tell u: no I'm not a
      believer... rather I'm a scientist and "blinded by science" as the song
      says... I stand alone... and feel that life has provided us with only 4
      givings: freedom, meaningless, isolation, and death!!!.. and boy,, that
      frightens me sometimes!!! I long for absolutes and belonging to something or
      anything.. but unable to... I do enjoy sensual pleasures.. pleasures
      distract me for awhile... not the main thing!!!.. isn't there something

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      > Dr. Q, I have read your conversation with Eduard. It would seem you
      > are not a believer and you would like to feel good. So I would think
      > you must try to find what makes you happy. I think I denote an
      > attitude of indifference toward eppicurianism. I am too mentally
      > active to enroll myself in passive, sensual pleasure.
      > I have spent many years answering , to my satisfaction, the three
      > great questions of philosophy. 1.Who am I ?Where did I come from?
      > Where am I going? The answers to these questions place me in
      > space/time and give me certain possibilities. The answers also place
      > a great many restrictions on me.
      > Existentialism gave me license to ask, and then answer these
      > questions. It freed me from faith based systems and allowed me to
      > stand as an individual, if only an ignorant one. In itself it did not
      > answer these questions for me. Science was much more operant in that
      > regard. Existentialism , for me, is a bridge acrossed the river of
      > faith. It is a license to explore the world of ideas, on my own,
      > without the supervision of prior authorities. Previously that was a
      > right reserved for rulers, kings and popes. I see existentialism as
      > a direct extension of democratic freedom from the polotical to the
      > philosophical sphere. After all what good is polotical freedom if you
      > are held in the bonds of philosophical tyrrany? Weather it be king or
      > bishop a tyrrant has the same end effect. The right of individualism
      > is the greatest gift of existentialism and it fits hand in glove
      > with the polotical freedom granted in a democracy.
      > Those dedicated to authoritarianism are most disturbed by the
      > existentialist. We cut away their power base and make them stand as
      > individuals. We call them to task to the democratic ideal. They
      > respond by accusing us of anarchy. Anarchy and fairness are very
      > different concepts.
      > So what makes me happy is the exploration and expansion of this
      > train of thought. It becomes emotionally satisfying in pride of
      > accomplishment and the fulfillment of a warrior spirit of freedom.
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