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Re: [existlist] illusion & percetion & reality

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  • drQ
    Me too new to the group,, I m a 49 yr old female from the Middle East [not a terrorist thu ;) ] We are in the presence of absolute materialism ... deep down I
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 9, 2003
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      Me too new to the group,, I'm a 49 yr old female from the Middle East [not a
      terrorist thu ;) ]
      "We are in the presence of absolute materialism"... deep down I believe this
      is true. We separate from nature,, recombine to add diversity, then go back
      to nature once more! Recently, however, I long for a higher value or
      substance... I don't know.. maybe feeling unity with the universe..
      something out there that might give some reasoning to all this... maybe
      better not to be illusion-free in life! gives some kind of support....
      conflicted I... somehow I consider being illusion-free is morally
      superior?... Hey out there,,, anybod with a troubled soul like me?


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      > hello.. i am new to this group and have recently developed a keen
      > interest in existentialism...
      > yes i totally agree with the following lines
      > ""We are in the presence of absolute
      > materialism" . Thats where we live, that`s how it is. The rest goes
      > on in our heads, and is the perception of that absolute materialism
      > and intrepretation of those perceptions. "
      > when talking about illusions the thing most recent thing that comes
      > to my mind is the movie "MATRIX".
      > i think it is a movie which really forces you to think about what is
      > real and what is not...what exactly is an illusion and what is reality
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