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Re: [existlist] Death as earth non-being

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  • yeoman
    Serge, I would disagree with your idea of two processes. It would seem to me that there can be only one process. In a sense, one begins dying as soon as one
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      I would disagree with your idea of two processes. It would
      seem to me that there can be only one process. In a sense,
      one begins dying as soon as one is born. But then it is
      equally true that one lives until one dies. Since I tend to
      enjoy life, I would call it a process of living, rather than
      a process of dying.


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      Death as earth non-being
      The human death, the death of the transient creature has its
      own beginning and end. The human death is not the moment,
      but the process, which begins long before "natural
      disappearance". That process belongs to the man on his earth
      way and it is only in such way of "realization" that the
      death is able to come out as the limit, the limit of
      wholeness. Such limit which man is able to reveal and
      finally realize himself as the whole being, from the
      beginning to the end.

      Perhaps, only now we have come to the problem of the human
      death, when stepping back from the fact of the natural
      disappearance, begin to think over something that belongs to
      man and not only belongs but is the necessary fundamental
      basis of the human transient presence in the world as well
      as the life does. Life and death are two processes, two
      forms of human presence in the world, that, thanks to which
      the man appears in the earth space and time, follows his own
      way and vanish into thin air in the end, after his life and

      Yes, human death is an absolutely other, than life and now
      we must agree that human presence on the earth splits in
      itself in two different processes or, as philosophers would
      say, in "being" and "non-being".

      Non-being of the man is possible not as some supernatural
      world, not as the parody on decay, dissolution, but as the
      real earth dimension of earth human existence. It is true,
      nobody can evade one's own disappearance in the end as well
      as nobody can exist in the very moment of disappearance, but
      everybody is able to be present at last with one's own
      non-being; the earth way of non-being is accessible to

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