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Re: [existlist] Is anyone out there??

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  • yeoman
    Susan, Hmmm ... genealogy ... on an Existentialist site!! Isn t that something like a member of a weight watchers club being found with a piece of chocolate??
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 4, 2003
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      Hmmm ... genealogy ... on an Existentialist site!! Isn't
      that something like a member of a weight watchers club being
      found with a piece of chocolate??

      I watch videos on my computer monitor. I have one of those
      TV cards so I can watch it as I am typing. I find it funny
      when I go to the mall and see all those huge TV screens that
      you can buy. People are trying to get something as big as
      possible like up to 48" and more. In effect, my TV screen
      is something like 2" by 2". It kinda helps to watch
      classics, since I already know what the picture is all
      about. However, I am primarily interested in the sound, in
      order to improve my French.

      I am constantly trying to get my philosophy down in some
      form. Typing on a computer seems to be out of place. I
      should go out in the back yard with quill and ink. But then
      I would probably get interested in the chipmunks and

      I have been waiting all day for Yvon to bring over my riding
      lawn mower. I bent the blade on some rock, so now all I can
      do is watch the grass get longer. I am totally lost without
      my toys.


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      Eduard -

      I've been busy doing genealogy research lately. I've
      stumbled into the
      gold mine that is the IGI and GROS records via the
      ScotsOrigins.com and
      Scotlandspeople.gov.uk sites. I've just pushed the
      information on my
      mother's side of the family (from West Lothian and
      Scotland) back several generations. They have so much
      available online now, including digital scans of birth and
      register entries that it's amazing. :) If I'd had to wait
      until I could
      travel to Scotland for these records, I'd never find
      anything out!

      As for free time and DVD watching, I must confess to
      watching nothing
      remotely as classic as Casablanca (though we do have it here
      on VHS). I
      watched X-Men on DVD last night and turned on the surround
      speakers. What a difference! Not mentally elevating, but
      nicely done
      all the same. I like the themes of humanity and in-humanity
      in this serious of movies.

      I just wish they'd done a better job with the book versions.
      The books
      could have been so much better... no one seems to care about
      novelizations anymore. They try to appeal to the same
      shallow audience
      that watches the movies instead of trying to expand upon the
      themes in
      the movies and flesh out the stories, characters, and
      underlying plots.

      About as classic as I've made movie watching lately is old
      James Bond
      and A&E's presentation of Pride and Prejudice. <G>

      I've been considering writing a serious of 'articles' and
      commentary on
      life as I've been reading about it and seeing it, but
      haven't done it
      yet. I keep writing the stuff in my head, and it sounds
      great, but
      haven't been able to sit down in front of a computer to get
      it on
      paper. By the time I make it to the computer, the thoughts
      are lost. On
      of these days the timing will be right and I'll get it on
      paper and
      posted to my private site.

      So, as moderator, should I slap my own wrist for being off
      topic? :)

      Cheers, ;)
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