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Re: [existlist] A race run?

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  • yeoman
    Zith, You guys seem to still be on the theist/atheist thing. In my opinion, Existentialism is simply a statement of the obvious. The human species is
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      You guys seem to still be on the theist/atheist thing. In
      my opinion, Existentialism is simply a statement of the
      obvious. The human species is designed mentally to seek out
      patterns and where a pattern does not exist, it is invented.

      I am watching the 1958 movie, "I Married a Monster from
      Outer Space".

      The tagline for the movie is, "Shuddery things from beyond
      the stars, here to breed with human women!". I guess one
      could make a lot out of that. Or of the fears in the late
      50s about the evil communists infiltrating American
      society -- "They look just like us".

      We invent religion, because that provides some kind of
      satisfaction. It keeps our neurons happy. Existentialism
      cuts through the fog and puts it down for what life and
      existence actually is.


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      > Bill said:
      > manifests itself as those who believe and those who do
      not. The
      > predominant tenant of christianity is theism. The
      > existential attitude toward god is atheistic. Note the
      > categorization of this group by the YAHOO moderator, it
      is under
      > atheism.
      > I say:
      > Nope. There are just to many theistic existentialists out
      there. Paul Tillich, Unamuno, Kierkegaard, et cetera.
      Jean-Paul Sartre and Nietzsche were athiests though there
      are some that argue that Nietzsche was a closet theist in
      some ways while Kierkegaard was a closet atheist. Not sure
      I agree with any of this closet business I'll stick to what
      they wrote down and took responsibility for.
      > I am particularly impressed with Unamuno at the moment and
      I am searching for a way to write a decent summary essay for
      "Tragic Sense of Life." His writing is so poetic, flowing,
      and Spanish it is hard to distill individual points. He has
      a lot mixed in that sounds like the will to power, but as an
      existentialist he goes on quite a bit about the afterlife
      and the nature of god and afterlife to the individual that
      it is hard to separate the athiesm from the theism from the
      existentialism. In his last chapter he talks a lot about
      Don Quixote, about Spain, and about the so-called Europeans
      (his words not mine) that are really franco-germans. It is
      all so relvant today and is so fascinating to me that so
      many different thinkers from so many different perspectives
      could come to so many similar conclusions.
      > So what I am trying with lots of tangents (it's late -
      sorry) to say is that I think that each of these celebrated
      writers has something important to say that transcends that
      ultimate god/no god question. I think existentialism might
      be the only attitude/philosophy to do this, even if you're
      dubious that it has truly done so, it sure seems to have
      juding by the people who read both sartre and kierkegaard
      throw them into the same boat together.
      > Zith
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