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Re: [existlist] Re: Choosing Ford or BMW

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  • yeoman
    Bryan, ... now-a-days, ... either. ... with your ... that a god has nothing to do with buying a car. If a god has no impact upon my choice, then it can be
    Message 1 of 41 , May 1, 2003

      > > I wish to buy a car. The selection is down to either a
      > > Ford or a BMW. I have no idea of what cars cost
      > > so lets assume that I have sufficient funds to buy
      > And again back to MY QUESTION: What does God have to do
      with your
      > choice to buy a car?

      ---> Which is precisely what I am asking. My own answer is
      that a god has nothing to do with buying a car. If a god
      has no impact upon my choice, then it can be extended to any
      concrete example. Does a god have an impact in my buying a
      house, getting a job, choosing my clothes?? All of these
      acts are part of my existence. If there is no impact, then
      gods and religion are of no importance with respect to
      existentialist philosophy.

      > This depends of what culture and society you are part of
      as well
      > as the segragated thoughts of persistent theism, deism,
      > pantheism, panethiesm, polytheism, naturalist, socialist,
      > liberal republican from the Vatican.

      ---> Then pick one and show how it impacts upon my choices.

      > Condemned to have freedom is not so virtuous as you
      think or as
      > Jean Paul Sartre (French-Socialist-Leftist thinker) has
      taught you.
      > When one's freedom is contrary to your belief, idealistic
      > physical, it matters not. All freedoms come with
      consequences in the
      > hopes that equality throughout may be sufficiently
      achieved. Even
      > then it is still uncertain...what is FREEDOM? (Iraq would
      not agree
      > with you in the least bit, as about 42 different other
      > where i have traveled to in the last 30 years)

      ---> I am not speaking about physical freedom. It is
      freedom to choose. That lawyer Mohammed, in Iraq, chose to
      tell the coalition forces where Private Lynch was being
      held. Even though I presume he is Islamic, he can make the
      choice that his own ethics dictated.

      ---> If Iraq [a country and not an individual] would not
      agree with me, then what is the basis of its disagreement??

      > The question is, did consumerism have something to do
      with your
      > choice of brand name? God is a far and beyond aspect of
      what you are
      > trying to insinuate as a mock debate of why God should not
      exist at
      > all. Choice is more than just one means to get to the end,
      but it
      > still does not mean spirit and body can not co-exist in
      the same
      > thought of mean.

      ---> This is not a debate of whether or not a god exists.
      It is a simple question of whether a god impacts upon my

      > Why do you believe God has no choice with your existential
      > Does it mean your Mother did not have a choice for your

      ---> This is not about whether a god has a choice, but of
      whether a god will have an impact upon my choices.

      ---> I find this most puzzling. You are skirting around
      the question and bringing in all sorts of other factors.
      Why is it that you have such reluctance to answer the

    • Mark and Bev Tindall
      ... I can see why you are reluictant to answer my questions on why art is a valuable resource in Existentialism. ... If begins a conditional proposition.
      Message 41 of 41 , May 2, 2003
        eduard wrote:

        > I can see why you are reluctant to answer the
        > question.

        I can see why you are reluictant to answer my questions on why art is a valuable resource in Existentialism.

        > If I have absolute freedom [Read Chris' FAQs]

        'If' begins a conditional proposition. Chris is wrong if he says all have absolute freedom. No-one has absolute freedom. All are constrained by at least time and space.

        > As Sartre has said, it is of no importance to
        > Existentialism.

        Sartre was wrong in this area and is not the final word on anything. There are many living Existentialist philosophers who disagree with the dead Sartre.

        As Chris stated (though he is not the final word on Existentialism ...) :


        No one should ever suggest that the Christian Existentialists (notably the Catholic movement is of interest to me), are not valid topics. They are frequently credited with developing concepts of ethics within existentialism, as well as combining Democratic Socialism with the humanistic aspects of existentialism set forth by the "French Left" for too long.


        Christian Existentialism is Existentialist in nature.


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