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Re: Fw: [existlist] moving on 2

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  • poetcsw
    ... I agree. My anger at being insulted should not be posted to the group -- but if someone disliked me so intensely, then he/she/they should just ignore me as
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 1, 2003
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Sue McPherson" <sue@m...> wrote:
      > If this is counterproductive, what about the one
      > Chris just sent to the list
      > Sue McPherson

      I agree. My anger at being insulted should not be posted to the
      group -- but if someone disliked me so intensely, then he/she/they
      should just ignore me as well.

      It's a shame that a list supposedly dedicated to existentialism --
      Personal Responsibility, Consequences, Self-Definition -- has been
      dominated for two months by this nonsense.

      I allowed myself to be dragged into what should not even exist on
      this list. My inability to ignore the attacks on myself reflects my
      current anger, for which I am responsible.

      If you do not like someone, ignore him or her. That's the power of
      the Internet at work.

      Existentialism and phenomenology were and are about personal
      perceptions and reactions to the absurdity of life. Life is pretty
      absurd at the moment.

      For those not clear on the Moderator nonsense -- the moderators all
      have equal access to the tools on Yahoo. No one moderator is better
      or superior to the others. That's how the system works. I could make
      everyone moderators -- it would only mean you could delete messages
      from the database and warn people.

      Why I devolved into this situation is beyond me.

      Maybe I should up the dosages of my meds and sleep more. What a silly
      waste of bandwidth I've allowed.

      Insulted, I tend to be defensive and I tend to reply. I'm sick of "so
      and so said you were..." games.

      If you don't like me, tough. I'm not much of a threat to anyone. I
      tend to think most people here want to learn, create, and discover.

      So I blew it. A year or two ago, when someone told me, "stick a gun
      in your mouth and blow your head off," I assumed that was about as
      silly as this gets. That person could simply have left the newslist
      and ignored us all.

      Existentialism is about defining yourself, while undertanding you
      still exist among others.

      Lately, I'm sure I've looked like a confused and lost soul trying to
      understand this place. All I know is two men started arguing about
      some silly word or phrase and I was bombarded with people leaving the
      group angrily.

      I hoped the group would self-regulate, suggest there was NO NEED for
      a moderator, and return to normal. Didn't happen.

      Ponder how we all look to each other.

      We are all frustrated, rambling, and angry at 1000 things. Why? Is it
      really this list or are there other reasons for the anger?

      What and who are we anymore?

      I'm trying to understand why so many people hate each other or find
      each other annoying on this group now.

      What happened? Why did it become necessary to insult each other? What
      is the cost of this anger?

      Existentialism: You are your choices.
      Phenomenology: Your experiences are your reality.

      Explore why people don't like each other... and what we have each
      done to anger the list.

      Myself -- I should have turned the list over to someone else two
      years ago. It seems to need a strong, steady leader.

      - CSW
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