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Re: [existlist] patriarchy

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  • Mark Tindall
    ... seem to admit that about any subject, so that s ok. ... 1. Mystical experience like William Blake. 2. You claim that one can be identified as
    Message 1 of 92 , Mar 1, 2003
      David wrote:

      > > > No..they haven't really said it Mark, because you have no
      > > > fucking clue what I'm talking about, at some point. But >>> you cant
      seem to admit that about any subject, so that's >>> ok.
      > > Calm down ... take a few deep breaths ...one strand ... mysticism .....
      > One strand? Mysticism? Lost me.

      1. Mystical experience like William Blake.

      2. You claim that one can be identified as 'Christian' by some external
      standard that you perceive to be internal. Whatever standard you invent is
      only arbitrary.

      Oness Pentecostals state that one must be (internally) baptised in the
      spirit with (external) evidence of speaking in tongues to be 'saved'. Change
      the criteria and you have the same methodology. Content different /
      methodology the same.

      >> > And Eduard's isn't particularly already said already
      >>> either.
      > > One name ... Feuerbach .....
      > Hey, I wouldn't know about him, not from reading him.

      Hence my opoint! How do you know it is original if you have not read widely
      enough. I can point to writers who have said the same as you or Eduard. It
      is NOT new as you both claim. It is OLD! Someone else has done it before
      you and you are only reinventing the wheel ... it is just that you have not
      read that person or know of that person. Ignorance doesn't mean your work
      is original. If you don't know aboutr the wheel and in isolation make a
      wheel you have NOT invented the wheel. Someone else invented the wheel but
      you didn't know about it. You could not patent your wheel as an original
      because it is not the first wheel made ... someone did it before you.
      That's why I keep saying ... you are reinventing wheel. It isn't new.

      > Mark, Eduard's not the same voice as somebody else.

      Everyone is different ... but are in like families.

      The same concepts with a slightly different emphasis. That's all. Not
      original. Not the first.

      > Nevermind, I couldn't live life as sterilly as you.

      An assumption. If only you knew me! Sterile would be the last word you
      would use about me!!!

      > > Variations on a theme.
      > So would you like to annihilate the variations?


      > Would a theme exist without them?

      Yes. Themes exist before variations on them and can exist after the
      variations and without the variations.

      I am an individual I do not have to believe the same as you or anyone. I am
      also a teacher and pick up on similarities of thought. That's me. Lump it
      or leave it. You know my words on a screen but you don't know me. What I
      present here is one method of discourse and not my whole life.

    • Sue McPherson
      Thanks. I have sent two book reviews off to Amazon. Craib s Importance of Disappointment, and Hamer s A New Perspective on Incest. They have both been
      Message 92 of 92 , Mar 4, 2003
        Thanks. I have sent two book reviews off to Amazon.
        Craib's Importance of Disappointment, and Hamer's
        A New Perspective on Incest. They have both been
        accepted by Amazon in Canada and in the US now, but
        neither one in the UK (one is still in process but I have

        Even de Beauvoir had a man. Without one, it is
        difficult to get accepted - and published. People live
        different kinds of lives. It is difficult to compare, or
        even to understand some experiences others have. Like
        mine. I am so very tired of all this.

        Sue McPherson

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        > Sue wrote:
        > > I like discussing gender and aging, and women's lives, and
        > > self-development, and sexuality.
        > These are much more relevant to existentialism than Noo. I read all your
        > posts. The book review was great. More such items are needed on this
        > You have passion which is much needed by many people. We live in a
        > passionless age. Passion is choice in action. Van Gogh inspires me. I
        > have several prints of his around my home. Very few were interested in
        > work while he was alive. His best friend, Paul Gauguin, thought his work
        > was abysmal. He outshone them all.
        > > I have no future.
        > Neither does Noo. ;-) But you have being and choice before you. Don't
        > up. Harness the passion.
        > 'WWSdBD?' - 'What Would Simone de Beauvoir Do?'
        > Mark
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