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Re: famine, strife, emptiness, void, lack and bliss

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  • thebookdoc@aol.com
    That is the same way I feel when I read some of your replies. However, I assure you
    Message 1 of 7 , May 1, 2001
      <<i have no idea what you are talking about ... this is pointless

      That is the same way I feel when I read some of your replies.

      However, I assure you there was a point. And that you missed it quite
      on purpose. Another way, I guess, of making me disappear. I'll give
      you a few more chances to do just that.

      I tried to suggest that nothing is as obvious as you want it to be.
      You like phenomenology because it lets you believe whatever you want.

      Sir, the world is not flat. It is round. There is more to it than you
      can take in, see and comprehend at any one moment, and it is created
      of and by things you cannot see take in or comprehend.

      So, if you wish to remain comfortable in phenomenology, that is just
      fine. However, it is no better or less baseless than creationism --
      not from the way you are describing it and seem to understand it.

      Was the language plain enough for you?

      There is a difference between comprehending and trying to comprehend
      and giving up and not being able to see a point. One of the following
      is probably true:

      •Either you give up soon -- which is fine, because my style can be
      trying, but seems to point to a flaw in your general reasoning
      (nothing is worth very much effort to comprehend)

      •You don't care -- in which case, lets stop right now

      •No one else's opinion matters -- which is fine, but lets stop right

      •You can't comprehend though you try terribly hard -- in which case
      lets stop right now.

      •Everyone else is imaginary and doesn't matter anyway -- which is
      sort-a my point, make up your mind whose side you are on.

      I am open to other suggestions.

      If you are turning to phenomenology because you think the world is
      generally too difficult to comprehend...hmmm...Now that seems a corner
      which is not completely illogical to turn. However, once you do, there
      is no point in proving or understanding anything whatever. In which
      case, we should stop right now -- understanding, defining, proving and
      clarifying don't even come into play. You believe whatever you
      want...period. There is nothing but the way you want to comprehend
      things -- and that is all that matters. There is not even a reason to
      try or discuss it. It is non-transferable, you can't get or even
      logically want others to believe what you do, and you get to maintain
      every illusion you have -- no matter how it was induced (um, which is,
      sort-a, my point by the jelly-fish thing). You can believe it because
      of drugs, a malady, an insanity, a stupidity, a mistake, a vision, a
      dream or anything whatever -- but you can't argue a point -- not one
      -- because there are no sides. You can't prove or desire to prove you
      are right because it is opposed to having the idea. I see it so it is
      real. Everyone is right. jelly-fish or snail.

      I think the end of the discussion is defining a difference: that you
      have the feeling it is impossible to comprehend the world, and I am a
      slight more optimistic -- though perhaps just as wrong -- in thinking
      it isn't. In any case, I think this has run out of arguments. From
      your perspective you are right in any case, no matter what the proof
      or agenda, and in mine I am at an impossible impass where the
      reduction just leads to further the absurdity.

      Have fun .... with a capital 'H'


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