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Re: [existlist] color description for the blind

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  • Edward Alf
    hi Legs. Ribs et folks, well lets see ... i started a paper on color ... its now on my Airport Lighting web site ... a bit rough as i dont have the figures
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2001
      hi Legs. Ribs et folks,

      well lets see ... i started a paper on color ... its now on my
      Airport Lighting web site ... a bit rough as i dont have the
      figures installed yet ... but then the blind person would not see
      the figures .. or am i making an exception here ...

      anyway, color is the attribute of light ... light is a form of
      electromagnetic radiation ... radiation is like the rain ... it
      comes down in drops called photons ... in order to see something,
      the photons have to enter your eye (blind people will understand
      that they and others have eyes ... the concept of seeing would
      not be foreign to them) ... the photons come in a range of colors
      from red to blue (purple is not really a color and is a
      combination of red and blue) ... when you see something, the
      photons enter your eye after bouncing (reflecting) off an object
      ... as if those raindrops were to bounce of a leaf or something
      ... if you see a red object, it is because only the red photons
      bounce off, all the other photons of other colors enter the
      object as heat ...

      in your eye are receptors each with a molecule that act like a
      switch ... i prefer to consider these molecules like little mouse
      traps ... if you drop a pebble on the trigger (the photon), the
      trap will snap ... snapping of the trap (switching of the switch)
      produces a signal to the brain ... to the occipital region in the
      back of the brain ... there are three types of receptors which
      you can for simplicity refer to as red, green, and blue ... they
      react to the wavelength of the photon ... red receptors or rather
      their molecules react to wavelengths in the 450 nanometer area

      the result is sort of like the reverse of your 3 color (gun) tv
      set ... the tv set has three type of fluorescent cells on the
      screen ... when the "red" gun fires an electron, the red cell
      fluoresces ... so an electric signal from the back of the tv
      produces a color at the front .. each gun is firing an electron,
      there is no difference between the electrons themselves ... the
      human eye is almost like a tv screen that reverses the process by
      sending electrons (nerve signals) to the back of the brain ... it
      is the brain which has to recreate the image in your mind ... and
      that is where a lot of interpretation takes place ... and some
      forms of blindness ...

      how is that ... do you think a blind person could understand this
      sort of mechanical/electrical description? ... it does not make
      them see red, but to understand it ....

      yes i need a fill-in-your-god questionnaire ...

      have fun ...


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      > <<sure things are describable ... perhaps not for me, since im
      > > that much of a wordsmith ... describing experiences is the
      > > purpose of books and other forms of text media ... have you
      > > of books ... they actually exist ...
      > >
      > > yes, i would be pleased to send for the god card ... $500
      > > pretty good ... lets see, thats about $3 american ....>>
      > Please do me the favor of letting me know how you would
      describe color
      > to an absolutely blind person. Thanks. It doesn't have to be
      > brilliant. I wouldn't know where to start, so I am looking for
      a clue.
      > I've decided to be blind now and want to know what I am
      missing. This
      > is devastating for an image editor, but I don't exist anyway
      because I
      > am continually an exception, so I'll get over it quickly.
      > I accept personal checks, credit cards (though, funny you
      should ask,
      > I don't believe in them), pay pal, wire transfers...we'll get
      you your
      > god. I'll even laminate him. Please begin listing attributes.
      > you like to submit your god in a table? We do wonderful work
      with gods
      > in tables. Do you need the fill-in-your-god questionnaire?
      > Legs. Ribs
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