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    *** RAISING KANE HUMOR (Dubya Quote Quiz) *** Dubya s use of the English language is so ... uh ... creative, that it s often hard to tell a made-up quote from
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2003
      *** RAISING KANE HUMOR (Dubya Quote Quiz) ***

      Dubya's use of the English language is so ... uh ... creative,
      that it's
      often hard to tell a made-up quote from the real enchilada. So
      as a
      public service, I offer the first annual Dubya Quote Quiz. Each
      consists of four quotes -- three of which George Dubya really
      said and
      one of which is a fictitious quote straight out of my satirical
      Dayly Diary ( http://www.madkane.com/bush.html ). So have a good
      testing your Bush quote quotient:

      1 (a) "You teach a child to read and he or her will be able to
      pass a
      literacy test."

      (b) "They hide in caves. See, this is a different kind of
      war. And
      part of my responsibilities as your President is to remind
      people about
      the realities that we face in America. One of the realities is,
      is that
      these people hide in caves."

      (c) "Well, it took a while, but I finally got that Canadian
      fired. Who's the moron now?"

      (d) "There's only one person who hugs the mothers and the
      the wives and the kids upon the death of their loved one. Others
      hug but
      having committed the troops, I've got an additional
      responsibility to
      hug and that's me and I know what it's like."

      2 (a) "If a person doesn't have the capacity that we all want
      person to have, I suspect hope is in the far distant future, if
      at all."

      (b) "I've been to war. I've raised twins. If I had a
      choice, I'd
      rather go to war."

      (c) "The law I sign today directs new funds and new focus
      to the
      task of collecting vital intelligence on terrorist threats and
      weapons of mass production."

      (d) "Poor old Trent really put his foot in it this time.
      And they
      say I misspeak!"

      3 (a) "I was proud the other day when both Republicans and
      stood with me in the Rose Garden to announce their support for a
      statement of purpose: you disarm, or we will."

      (b) "A buncha brie & cheese eatin, wine guzzlin so-called
      signed some kinda antiwar petition. Who cares what they think?"

      (c) "There's an old...saying in Tennessee...I know it's in
      probably in Tennessee that says Fool me once...(3 second
      pause)... Shame
      on...(4 second pause)...Shame on you....(6 second pause)...Fool
      me...Can't get fooled again."

      (d) "It's important for us to explain to our nation that
      life is
      important. It's not only life of babies, but it's life of
      living in, you know, the dark dungeons of the Internet."

      4 (a) "Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings

      (b) "And so, in my State of the � my State of the Union �
      or state
      � my speech to the nation, whatever you want to call it, speech
      to the
      nation � I asked Americans to give 4,000 years � 4,000 hours
      over the
      next � the rest of your life � of service to America."

      (c) "There was no malfeance involved. This was an honest
      disagreement about accounting procedures. ... There was no
      malfeance, no
      attempt to hide anything."

      (d) "I can't believe I still don't have my UN resolution.
      France &
      Russia are a whole lot harder ta push around then the Dems."

      The rest of the quiz is here: http://www.madkane.com/quiz.html.
      And the
      answers are here: http://www.madkane.com/answers.html.

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