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      Dear EmailNaton Subscriber,

      As soon as Al Gore pulled out of the race, the rest of the prospective
      Dems had strong motivation to move fast. The Democrats, thank to party
      chairman Terry McAuliffe, have frontloaded their presidential primaries
      next year. Now there'll be less time than ever for any one candidate to
      build momentum over the course of a few months. The eventual nominee will
      likely be whoever is left standing after the initial round of primaries.

      See David Corn's early review of Democratic wannabes Joe Lieberman, John
      Edwards, John Kerry, Richard Gephardt, Howard Dean and Al Sharpton:

      Another potential contender, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who heads the House
      Progressive Caucus, along with 31 other members of Congress, recently sued
      President Bush in a lawsuit which argued that the president should have
      asked Congress for permission before tearing up an arms control treaty
      passed into law by Congress in 1972. On December 30, former Ken Starr
      deputy and Bush-appointed Federal Judge John Bates rejected Kucinich's
      case out-of-hand.

      Bush and the ABM Treaty That Was by Matt Bivens:


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      John Nichols on the fight for the future of music:

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      Robert Scheer on misrepresenting war:

      Dr. Marc on cell phones, HMOs and single-payer insurance:

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