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  • Meghan
    Message 1 of 33 , Oct 5, 1999
      <<I think that was Descartes, at least I know his "proof" of god's
      existence is something like that>>

      The passage may well be from the Meditations (although I'm up to my ears in
      Hobbes right now and can't go check :-).

      It comes from the idea that all beings have a certain degree of reality to
      them. God has the most reality of everything, humans have considerably
      less, animals have less than that, plants have less than animals, and
      inanimate objects have the least of all. Sort of an inverted-pyramid

      Something with less reality cannot cause something with more reality.
      Hence, humans cannot be the cause of (i.e. come up with) God.

      There's a lot more to the proof of God's existence; it's in the third
      Meditation, if anyone is desperate to know about it.

      ObExistentialism: I bought a copy of Sartre's _The Wall_ today.




      "Lead me not into temptation; I can find the way myself."

      -- Rita Mae Brown
    • poetcsw
      ... Anything relating to existentialism or phenomenology can be asked or explored for discussion. It is important that discussions not attack anyone,
      Message 33 of 33 , May 4, 2003
        --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Denise Drew" <skindividual@y...> wrote:

        > Why can this not be addressed?
        > Denise

        Anything relating to existentialism or phenomenology can be asked or
        explored for discussion. It is important that discussions not attack
        anyone, regardless of his or her views and/or misunderstandings. If
        another member notices a factual or historical error, a correction
        should be offered politely and with a proper tone.

        Existentialism applies to a broad range of philosophers, not one group
        over any other. Also, educating members should include more than
        telling them what to read -- it should offer an explanation as to why
        a book, play, or essay is of value.

        As an example: I did not see the posts calling Ayn Rand an
        existentialist. I think there was a question about her, and a polite
        explanation of her beliefs would have been in order. She was in
        opposition to Sartre, and a bitter oponent at that. Explaning why and
        how would offer value to the group. Unfortunately, I think the student
        asking the question felt attacked and left to ask me the question

        We need to answer things, not attack each other. When a post is
        negative in tone, whatever value it has is lost and ignored. I tend to
        skip most posts that call me a name anywhere in the post, and I think
        most people would do the same.

        As for comments about degrees and what-not: I do not attack the
        credentials of others, though I did point out that formal education
        alone is not the only form of credential. There was no sarcasm or
        dislike in that -- merely a point that everyone here might have
        something of value to add.

        My "existential" education was from a French-born professor who has
        moved to this area. I spent hours at his house in the summers, working
        on books together. That was more valid that any of my university
        courses -- many of which were on the topic, but poorly taught.

        So, those were my points.

        - CSW
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